• - (安定; 没有骚动) peaceful; quiet; tranquil; calm:

    sleep peacefully; 安睡

    feel uneasy [perturbed] 心神不安

    - (平安; 安好)safe; secure; in good health:

    arrive safely; arrive safe and sound; 安抵

    be in good health 身体安康

  • - (使安定) set (sb.'s mind) at ease; calm:

    calm [soothe] the nerves 安神

    - (感到满足合适; 心安) rest content; be satisfied:

    be content with things as they are; be satisfied with the existing state of affairs 安于现状

    - (使有合适的位置) place in a suitable position; find a place for:

    I'll be happy with any job I'm assigned to. 把我安在哪儿都行。

    - (安装; 设立) install; fix; fit:

    put in a windowpane; 安窗玻璃

    install electric lights; 安电灯

    - (凭空加上) bring (a charge against sb.); give (sb. a nickname):

    bring charges against 安罪名

    - (存着; 怀着) harbour (an intention):

    harbour evil intentions; 安坏心

    What are they up to? 他们安的是什么心?

  • - (安全; 安逸) security; safety; peace:

    mindful of possible danger in time of peace; 安不忘危

    be slightly indisposed; be unwell; 欠安[书]

    - {电} (安培的简称) ampere
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    An Cheng 安成

  • - (用作疑问代词,同“哪里,怎么; 谁,何,如何”) where; how:

    Wherein lies the cause? 其故安在?

    How can one stand by and do nothing? 安能袖手旁观?



  1. 杰克和安妮订婚了。
    Jack and Anne are engaged.
  2. 有些印地安人仍然住在帐篷里。
    Some Indians still live in wigwams.
  3. 让汤姆保持安静。
    Ask him to keep quiet.
  4. 马路上来往的车辆声音不断地破坏我们家的安宁。
    The noise of cars passing along the road is a continual disturbance to our quiet at home.
  5. 冷静点,既来之则安之吧。
    Be calm and take things as they come.
  6. 他很安详地去世。
    His ending was peaceful.
  7. 请让我安静地工作。
    Please let me do my work in peace.
  8. 她那么安静,几乎没有人注意到她在这里。
    She was so quiet that her presence was hardly noticed.


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