• - (无秩序; 无条理) in a mess; confused; disordered:

    motley; 杂乱

    in confusion; 混乱

    - (心绪不宁) in a turmoil; disturbed (state of mind):

    be alarmed and nervous; 心慌意乱

    emotionally upset; in an emotional turmoil; 心绪烦乱

  • - (战争; 武装骚扰) chaos; riot; unrest; turmoil:

    turmoil; social upheaval; 变乱

    armed rebellion; mutiny; 叛乱

    - (不正当的男女关系) promiscuous sexual behaviour; promiscuity:

    licentious sexual behaviour; sexually promiscuous 淫乱

  • - (使混乱; 使紊乱) confuse; jumble; mix up:

    disturb; make confusion; 扰乱

    mix the spurious with the genuine 以假乱真

  • - (任意; 随便) arbitrary; random:

    shout and scream madly; 乱喊乱叫

    make an arbitrary suggestion; 乱出主意



  1. 因风雪交加道路上混乱不堪。
    The wintry weather has caused chaos on the roads.
  2. 首都一片平静,然而据报道在别的地方仍有持续的骚乱。
    The capital is calm, but continuing disorder has been reported elsewhere.
  3. 生日晚会之后,房间里一片混乱。
    The room was in confusion after the birthday party.
  4. 一连串的意外事件把店里弄得乱七八糟。
    A series of accidents disordered the shop.
  5. 房间里乱七八糟。
    The room is in dreadful disorder.
  6. 这位不速之客打乱了他的计划。
    The unexpected guest disordered his plans.
  7. 电力供应中断,城市陷于混乱之中。
    After the failure of the electricity supplies the city was in chaos.
  8. 他屋里有一堆乱七八糟的衣服。
    There is a disorderly heap of clothes in his room.


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