• - (危险) danger; peril:

    think of danger in times of peace; 居安思危

    face danger fearlessly; betray no fear in an hour of danger; 临危不惧

    - (屋脊) ridge (of a roof)
    - (二十八宿之一) Wei, one of the lunar mansions
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Quanfeng 危全讽

  • - (使处于危险境地; 危害) endanger; imperil; jeopardize:

    endanger sb.'s life [property; reputation; security]; 危及某人的生命[财产; 名誉; 安全]

    Stray mines began to turn up off the Pacific coast, imperilling commercial shipping. 散逸的水雷开始在太平洋海岸出现而危及商船的航行。

  • - (危险的; 不安全) dangerous; perilous:

    a dangerous situation 危局

    - (人快要死去) dying:

    be critically ill; be dying 病危

    - (高) high; precipitous:

    a high tower; 危楼

    a precipitous cliff 危崖

    - (端正) proper; upright:

    sit up properly 正襟危坐



  1. 这个地区很危险,所以你身上不要带太多现金。
    This is a dangerous area, so don't carry too much cash on you.
  2. 这预示我们陷入危险。
    It portends we are in danger.
  3. 手术成功了,病人现在已脱离危险。
    The operation is a success and now the patient is out of danger.
  4. 危险就在我们面前。
    The danger is impending over us.
  5. 马感觉到了危险,于是停了下来。
    The horse sensed danger and stopped.
  6. 他在面对危险的时候表现出非凡的勇气。
    He showed remarkable courage when he faced the danger.
  7. 他的狗看上去很危险。
    His dog looks dangerous.


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