• - (存在; 生存) exist; be living:

    The spirit still exists. 精神永在。

    Both of my parents are living now. 我父母健在。

    - (表示人或事物的位置; 留在) stay; remain:

    be in one's power; 在领导岗位

    My parents are in Beijing. 我父母在北京。

    - (参加; 属于) join or belong to an organization; be a member of an organization:

    join an organization 在组织

    - (在于; 决定于) depend on; lie in; rest with:

    Human effort is the decisive factor. 事在人为。

    The uprising or downfalling of an enterprise lies in its management or administration. 企业兴衰主要在经营管理。

  • - (正在) in process of; in course of:

    All are changing. 一切都在变。

    The teacher is preparing the lesson. 老师在备课。

  • - (表示时间、处所、范围等):

    in the midnight; 在半夜

    have a meeting in the auditorium; 在礼堂开会

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zai Yu 在育



  1. 我在击剑时用的是把重剑。
    I use a heavy sabre in fencing.
  2. 他们坐在凉亭里,边喝茶边聊天。
    They sat in the arbor and chatted over tea.
  3. 全镇沉浸在节日的气氛之中。
    The whole town is in a festive mood.
  4. 你会在附近找到这家旅店。
    You'll find the hotel in the neighbourhood.
  5. 他住在一个舒适的小屋里。
    He lives in a cosy little room.
  6. 那个农民在种田。
    The farmer is at the plough.
  7. 水在摄氏零度结冰。
    Water freezes at 0 Celsius degree.


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