• - (又一次) another time; again; once more:

    say it again; 再说一遍

    learn again; study repeatedly; 再学习

    - (表示更加) still; further:

    raise still higher; 再举高点儿

    strive for further progress; 以求再进

    - (表示如果继续怎样):

    The project will be accomplished in a few more days. 再过几天,整个工程即可竣工。

    There would be an accident if you drive carelessly like this. 再马马虎虎地开车,就会酿成车祸。

    - (表示一个动作发生在另一个动作结束之后):

    Have your dinner before you watch TV. 吃完饭再看电视。

    First she goes to Paris and then to London. 她先去巴黎,再去伦敦。

    - (表示另外有所补充):

    what's more; besides; furthermore; moreover; 再说

    if not; or; or else; otherwise; 再不然

    - (再继续; 再出现) come back; continue; return; reappear:

    stage a comeback; 东山再起

    One's youth never returns. 青春不再。



  1. 请再说一遍。
    Please say it again.
  2. 要是我再有一次机会就好了。
    If only I had another chance.
  3. 很高兴再次见到你。
    I'm glad to see you again.
  4. 你敢再回来!
    Don't you dare come back again!
  5. 我一刻也不能再呆下去了。
    I can't stay any longer.
  6. 我再也不能忍受了。
    I can't stick it any more.
  7. 我曾到过那,不想再去了。
    I've been there already and don't want to go again.
  8. 想到再次见到她,他就高兴起来。
    He cheered up at the thought of seeing her again.


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