• - (打击乐器) drum:

    tympani; 定音鼓

    a deafening sound of gongs and drums 锣鼓喧天

    - (形状、声音、作用像鼓的) drum-like things:

    eardrum 耳鼓

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gu Zhen 鼓震

  • - (使物体发声;敲) sound; beat; strike:

    play lutes and blow pipe instruments; 鼓瑟吹笙

    applaud; clap one's hands 鼓掌

    - (用风箱等扇) fan; blow with bellows:

    work a bellows; make a blast 鼓风

    - (发动; 振奋) stir up; rouse; agitate; pluck up; incite
    - (拍打) flap:

    clap the wings; 鼓翅

    The bird flapped (its way) up the stream. 那只鸟鼓翼向河的上游飞去。

    - (凸起; 涨大) bulge; pout:

    pout one's lips; 鼓着嘴

    The sails swelled out in the wind. 船帆迎风鼓起。

  • - (凸起的; 涨大的) bulging; swelling:

    a bulging bag 鼓鼓囊囊的书包

  • - (古代夜间计时单位,更) watch:

    the fifth watch of the night 五鼓



  1. 演出快进行到最惊险的部分时响起了咚咚的鼓声。
    A drum roll preceded the most dangerous part of the performance.
  2. 谁在敲鼓?
    Who's beating the drum?
  3. 我们听见敲鼓的声音。
    We heard the beat of a drum.
  4. 我们听到了敲鼓的声音。
    We heard the drums beating.
  5. 孩子睡觉时,不要练习打鼓。
    You mustn't practise drums while the baby is sleeping.
  6. 鼓声平稳而缓慢。
    The beats of the drum were steady and slow.
  7. 我们听到鼓声。
    We heard the beat of the drum.


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