• - (动植物的皮上长的丝状物; 鸟类的羽毛) hair; down; feather; fur:

    down; 绒毛

    chicken feather or down; 鸡毛

    - (东西上长的霉) mildew:

    be covered with mildew 长毛

    - (一圆的十分之一; 角) mao, a fractional unit of money in China ; ten cents; a ten-cent piece:

    fifty cents; five mao 五毛钱

    - (羊毛) wool:

    a woollen mill; 毛纺厂

    woolen blanket 毛毯

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Mao Zedong 毛泽东

  • - (粗糙; 未加工的) rough; crude; semifinished:

    crude iron; 毛铁

    semifinished product 毛坯

    - (不纯净的) gross:

    gross weight 毛重

    - (小) little; small:

    little child; 毛孩子

    little girl 毛丫头

    - (做事粗心,不细致) careless; rash; impetuous:

    rash; impetuous; reckless 毛毛愣愣

    - (惊慌) flurried; scared; frightened:

    be terribly frightened; be panic-stricken 吓毛了

  • - (指货币贬值) depreciate
    - (发怒; 发火) get angry; flare up



  1. 汗从毛孔中渗出。
    Sweat exudes through the pores.
  2. 你拿我的毛皮大衣干什么?
    What are you doing with my fur coat?
  3. 狮子长着黄褐色棕毛。
    A lion has tawny mane.
  4. 从动物我们得到像羊毛、丝、皮革、与毛皮这样的材料。
    From animals we get such materials as wool, silk, leather and furs.
  5. 那位夫人穿着华贵的毛皮外套来了。
    The lady appeared with a luxurious fur coat.
  6. 她买了一件略带红色皮毛的衣服。
    She brought a coat with reddish fur.
  7. 他穿上一件有毛皮衬里的外衣。
    He put on a coat with a fur lining.


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