• - (不正; 歪斜) inclined to one side; slanting; leaning:

    southeast by east; 东南偏东

    in a slight slanting direction; 方向略偏

    - (只侧重一面) partial; prejudiced:

    even-handed; impartial; unbiased; 不偏不倚

    listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will be benighted 兼听则明,偏信则暗

  • - (移向一边) move to one side:

    He turned his head. 他偏过头去。

    The sun declined toward the west.; The sun is to the west. 太阳偏西了。

    - (客套话,表示先用或已用过茶饭等)have had (a meal):

    Thank you, I've eaten already. You go ahead. 谢谢,我已经先偏了,您请自己吃吧。

  • - (相当于“偏偏”) deliberately; contrary to what is expected:

    She was not supposed to go but she insisted on going. 不该她去,她偏要去。

    Why ask him, of all people? 干吗偏问他?

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Pian Ke 偏可



  1. 导弹有极微小的偏斜也可能酿出大祸。
    The smallest deflection of the missile could bring disaster.
  2. 你作判断时要尽量做到不存偏见。
    Try not to be prejudiced in your judgements.
  3. 她姿色迷人,因而评委都偏向她。
    Her charm prejudiced the judges in her favour.
  4. 因为我是他的母亲,对他的看法自然是带有偏向的。
    Since I am his mother, my opinion of him is naturally a prejudiced one.
  5. 他那令人愉快的声音和举止使陪审团对他产生了偏心。
    His pleasant voice and manner prejudiced the jury in his favor.


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