• - (书信) letter; mail:

    insured letter; 保价信

    open a letter; 拆信

    - (信息;消息) message; word; information:

    a verbal message; an oral message; 口信

    divulge secret information; tip sb. off; 通风报信

    - (凭据) sign; evidence:

    signal; 信号

    official seal 印信

    - (信用) confidence; trust; faith:

    win the people's confidence [trust]; 取信于民

    break faith [one's promise]; 失信

    - (引信) fuse:

    fuse in a blasting charge 炸药信管

    - (信石; 砒霜) arsenic:

    white arsenic 白信

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Xin Dufang 信都芳

  • - (相信) believe; take stock in; credit:

    firmly [staunchly] believe; 坚信

    half believe and half doubt; 将信将疑

    - (听凭; 放任; 随意) at will; at random; without plan:

    write freely without hesitation; 信笔写来

    walk aimlessly 信步闲游

    - (信奉) profess faith in; believe in:

    profess Buddhism 信佛

  • - (确实) true:

    Is it true? 信乎?

    It is indeed true. 信然。



  1. 这封信是用正式文体写的。
    The letter is written in formal style.
  2. 我才不信你呢!
    I can't believe a word you say.
  3. 这个地方脏极了,我不相信有人能住在这。
    This place is filthy; I don't believe anyone can live here.
  4. 我相信你的话。
    I believe what you said.
  5. 信不信由你,他真地胜利了!
    Believe it or not, he actually won!
  6. 你能相信我只花了25美元就买了一台电视吗?
    Can you believe that I bought a TV for %2425?
  7. 我信守了对他的诺言。
    I kept faith with him.
  8. 一般人都相信健康重于财富。
    It is believed that health is above wealth.


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