[truː]     [truː]    
  • adj. 真实的;真的;准确的;精确的;忠诚的
  • adv. 真实地;准确地
  • n. 真相;精确
  • vt. 使...平衡
truer truest trueness trued trued truing/trueing trues



adj. (形容词)
  1. 真实的,符合事实的 in accordance with fact or reality
  2. [A]实际的 actual, as opposed to what is thought or claimed
  3. 真正的,真货的,纯正的 real; not false
  4. 忠实的,忠诚的 faithful; loyal
  5. 逼真的,一模一样的 in accordance with an original or standard; proper, correct, or exact
  6. [A]典型的 having all the particular qualities typical of its class
  7. [P]正确的,准确的 correctly fitted, placed, or formed


  1. proper alignment; the property possessed by something that is in correct or proper alignment;

    "out of true"

  1. consistent with fact or reality; not false;

    "the story is true"
    "it is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatever for supposing it true"
    "the true meaning of the statement"

  2. accurately placed or thrown;

    "his aim was true"
    "he was dead on target"

  3. devoted (sometimes fanatically) to a cause or concept or truth;

    "true believers bonded together against all who disagreed with them"

  4. expressing or given to expressing the truth;

    "a true statement"
    "gave truthful testimony"
    "a truthful person"

  5. conforming to definitive criteria;

    "the horseshoe crab is not a true crab"
    "Pythagoras was the first true mathematician"

  6. worthy of being depended on;

    "a dependable worker"
    "an honest working stiff"
    "a reliable sourcSFLe of information"
    "he was true to his word"
    "I would be true for there are those who trust me"

  7. not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed;

    "genuine emotion"
    "her interest in people was unfeigned"
    "true grief"

  8. rightly so called;

    "true courage"
    "a spirit which true men have always admired"
    "a true friend"

  9. determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles;

    "true north is geographic north"

  10. having a legally established claim;

    "the legitimate heir"
    "the true and lawful king"

  11. in tune; accurate in pitch;

    "a true note"

  12. accurately fitted; level;

    "the window frame isn't quite true"

  1. as acknowledged;

    "true, she is the smartest in her class"

  1. make level, square, balanced, or concentric;

    "true up the cylinder of an engine"



用作形容词 (adj.)
  1. She gave the true account of what had happened.
  2. On what grounds do you say that is true?
  3. We both thought that he had given a true judgement.
  4. He was true to his word.
用作副词 (adv.)
  1. She spoke truer than she knew.
  2. The arrow flew straight and true to its mark.
用作名词 (n.)
  1. Two of the pictures hanging on the wall are out of true.
用作及物动词 (vt.)
  1. It is not easy to true up a frame.


用作形容词 (adj.)
as true as a die
    极忠诚,极可靠 faithful very much
as true as steel
    极忠实,极可靠 faithful very much
come true
    实现,成真 happen just as was wished, expected, or dreamt
out of true
    未安正 not fitting or placing in its proper position
true colours
    本来面目,本性 one's true character; what one is really like
true to form〔type〕
    一如往常,一如既往 behaving or acting just as one would expect


用作形容词 (adj.)
~+名词 副词+~ 动词+~ ~+介词


  • Ye haue done as a trew subjet ought to do to his lorde.

    出自: Ld Berners
  • I will be true to my word.

    出自: Sir W. Scott
  • While most of the hard left writers..have softened..Bond remains resolutely true to the cause.

    出自:Plays International
  • Give him a hand with truing up a wheel.

    出自: J. Wyndham
  • True it up on a disc sander.

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