• - (写字; 记录; 书写) write:

    record in letters of gold; write volumes about; 大书特书

    take up the pen and write vigorously 振笔直书

  • - (字体) style of calligraphy; script:

    regular script 楷书

    - (装订成册的著作) book:

    a teachers' [students'] book; 教师 [学生]用书

    a book out of print; 绝版书

    - (书信) letter:

    a letter to [from] home 家书

    - (文件) document:

    letter of credence; credentials; 国书

    instrument of ratification; 批准书



  1. 我昨天买了好几本书。
    I bought several books yesterday.
  2. 我正在看一本关于罗马帝国兴衰的书。
    I am reading a book about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  3. 并不是每个人都喜欢这本书。
    Not everyone likes this book.
  4. 把这本书给她。
    Give her the book.
  5. 你能给所有这些书编目录吗?
    Can you catalog all these books?
  6. 我要去图书馆还这些书。
    I'm just going to check in these books at the library.
  7. 我喜欢书架上所有的书,但这本是我最喜欢的。
    I like all the books on the shelf but this one is my favorite.
  8. 你可以在图书馆的图书目录上查找这本书。
    You can look for the book in the library catalog.
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