• - (所在或所占的地方) place; location:

    place; location; position; 部位

    seat 座位

    - (职位; 地位) position; post; status:

    fame and position; 名位

    stick to one's post; 坚守岗位

    - (特指皇帝的地位) throne:

    on the throne; 在位

    come to the throne; 即位

    - {数} (数码所占的位置)place; figure; digit:

    unit's place; 个位

    ten's place; 十位

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Jie 位杰

  • - (用于人, 含敬意):

    everybody; 诸位

    three guests 三位客人



  1. 这个小镇很适宜于一位青年医生安家。
    The town is a good location for a young doctor.
  2. 他用一支笔在地图上标出了波斯湾的位置。
    He indicated the location of the Persian Gulf with a pen on the map.
  3. 希腊位于欧洲南部。
    Greece is located in the south of Europe.
  4. 这座城市位于加拿大的西北部。
    The city is located in the northwest part of Canada.
  5. 他把座位让给了我。
    He offered his seat to me.
  6. 这位子有人坐吗?
    Is this seat taken?
  7. 已将较大的位元栏位指定到较小的位元栏位。
    A larger bit field was assigned to a smaller bit field.
  8. 请哪位先生给这位女士让个座位好吗?
    Will any gentleman oblige the lady?
  9. 生态位战略之二是生态位分离和生态位扩充战略。
    Second niche strategy is niche separation and the niche expansion strategy.
  10. 请哪位先生把位子让给一位女士好吗?
    Will any gentleman oblige a lady?


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