• - (没) did not; have not:

    haven't grown up; under age; 未成年

    have not seen it yet; 尚未过目

    - (不) not:

    not know whether sth. can be done; 未知可否

    The address is unknown to me. 地址未详。

  • - (地支的第八位) the eighth of the twelve Earthly Branches
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Yang 未央



  1. 他的拒绝是那样委婉得体,所以我们并未感到不快。
    His refusal was worded in such a graceful way that we could not be offended.
  2. 她因未能获得奖金而深感不满。
    She's very dissatisfied at not getting a bonus.
  3. 她花言巧语也未能打动他们卖掉别墅。
    All her wiles were not enough to persuade them to sell the villa.
  4. 国与国之间的边界未明确划定时,通常会发生纠纷。
    When boundaries between countries are not clearly defined, there is usually trouble.
  5. 这项答复未能使他完全满意。
    The answer was not quite satisfactory to him.
  6. 他未能意识到自己的危险。
    He could not realize his own danger.
  7. 闪闪发光的未必都是黄金。
    All is not gold that glitters.
  8. 这个计划未成功,我们必须另立一个更好的计划。
    This plan has not answered, we must find a better one.
  9. 酒杯来到嘴唇边,得饮与否未可知;物未到手前,未能算己有;凡事难以十拿九稳。
    Many things fall between the cup and the lip.
  10. 已注册但未定义的变量被标记为未定义。
    Registered variables which are undefined are marked as being not defined.


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