• - (音乐) music:

    symphony; symphonic music; 交响乐

    instrumental [vocal] music; 器[声]乐

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Yue Yi 乐毅

  • - (快乐) happy; glad; joyful; cheerful:

    happy and gay 欢乐

  • - (喜欢) enjoy; be glad to; love; find pleasure in:

    love to do philanthropic work; 乐善好施

    enjoy doing sth. without stop; never be bored with sth. 乐此不疲

    - (笑) laugh; be amused:

    laugh with amusement; 逗得直乐

    What are you laughing at?; What's the joke? 你乐什么呀?

  • - (愉快; 满足) pleasure; enjoyment:

    enjoy life; 享乐

    amuse oneself 作乐

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Le Yi 乐义

  • - (乐意) gladly; happily; willingly:

    not what I would like to hear 非我所乐闻



  1. 当男主角策马向夕阳驰去时,尾声音乐逐渐消失。
    The closing music fades out when the hero rides off into the sunset.
  2. 音乐和绘画是他生活中的两大嗜好。
    His two great interests in life are music and painting.
  3. 财富并不一定带来快乐。
    Money doesn't always bring happiness.
  4. 忧患和快乐他都经历过。
    He has known both grief and happiness.
  5. 我喜欢古典音乐,不太喜欢流行音乐。
    I prefer classical music to pop music.
  6. 我喜欢唱歌,更不用说听音乐了。
    I enjoy singing, much more listening to music.
  7. 既然有空,我可以享受一下音乐。
    Now that I am free, I can enjoy music for a while.
  8. 祝你生日快乐!
    Happy birthday!
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