[sɒft]     [sɔːft]    
  • adj. 柔软的;柔和的;温和的;不强烈的;轻的
  • adv. 柔软地;温和地
  • n. 柔软的东西
softly softer softest softness



adj. (形容词)
  1. 柔软的,软的
  2. (皮肤、头发等)柔滑的
  3. (色彩、光线等)柔和的,不强烈的,不刺眼的
  4. (声音)轻柔的,柔和悦耳的
  5. <口>轻松的,容易的
  6. 温柔的,和蔼的,宽厚的,温和的
  7. 软弱的,不坚强的
  8. 平静的,安稳的
  9. 愚蠢的,头脑简单的
  10. 硬度较低的,易弯曲的
  11. 无棱角的
  12. (水)不含无机盐的
  13. (饮料)不含酒精的
  14. (食物)易消化的
  15. (麻醉品)毒性不太强的
  16. 纸币的,(市场)疲软的
  17. (新闻)较不严肃的,较不重要的
  18. (性描写等)非赤裸裸的
  19. 推测性的,根据不足的
  20. 使用可再生能源的
  21. 坡度缓的,(山峰等)线条柔和的
  22. (底片)低反差的,软调的
  23. (洗涤剂)软性的,能起生物递降分解作用的,生物降解的
  24. 【军】(导弹发射场等)无掩蔽而易被攻击的
  25. 【化】(酸、碱)易极化的
  26. 【放射学】(辐射线)穿透力弱的,软性的
  27. 【语】发软音的,(辅音)浊音的
adv. (副词)
  1. 柔软地
  2. 轻柔地
  3. 安静地
  4. 轻松地
  5. 温柔的
  6. 柔和地
  7. 温和地
n. (名词)
  1. 柔软部分,柔软的东西
  2. <口>傻瓜,傻子
  3. <美俚>钱
  4. 温和派
  5. 柔性
  6. 易消耗的物品
int. (感叹词)
  1. <古>嘘!别出声
  2. <古>别急!停!


adj. (形容词)
  1. 软的; 细嫩的 not firm against pressure; not hard or stiff
  2. (声音)温柔的,轻柔的 quiet; not making much noise; not loud
  3. (颜色、光线)柔和的 restful and pleasant to the senses
  4. 温和的,和蔼的 gentle; too kind
  5. 不含酒精的 containing no alcohol
  6. 柔弱的,娇嫩的 weak, flabby


  1. yielding readily to pressure or weight

  2. compassionate and kind; conciliatory;

    "he was soft on his children"

  3. (of sound) relatively low in volume;

    "soft voices"
    "soft music"

  4. easily hurt;

    "soft hands"
    "a baby's delicate skin"

  5. produced with vibration of the vocal cords;

    "a frequently voiced opinion"
    "voiced consonants such as `b' and `g' and `z'"

  6. not protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons);

    "soft targets"

  7. used chiefly as a direction or description in music;

    "the piano passages in the composition"

  8. (of light) transmitted from a broad light source or reflected

  9. (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward the hard palate; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')

  10. (of a commodity or market or currency) falling or likely to fall in value;

    "the market for computers is soft"

  11. using evidence not readily amenable to experimental verification or refutation;

    "soft data"
    "the soft sciences"

  12. tolerant or lenient;

    "indulgent parents risk spoiling their children"
    "too soft on the children"
    "they are soft on crime"

  13. soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe;

    "a gentle reprimand"
    "a vein of gentle irony"
    "poked gentle fun at him"

  14. having little impact;

    "an easy pat on the shoulder"
    "gentle rain"
    "a gentle breeze"
    "a soft (or light) tapping at the window"

  15. out of condition; not strong or robust; incapable of exertion or endurance;

    "he was too soft for the army"
    "flabby around the middle"
    "flaccid cheeks"

  16. willing to negotiate and compromise

  17. not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship;

    "what a cushy job!"
    "the easygoing life of a parttime consultant"
    "a soft job"

  18. mild and pleasant;

    "balmy days and nights"
    "the climate was mild and conducive to life or growth"
    "a soft breeze"

  19. not brilliant or glaring;

    "the moon cast soft shadows"
    "soft pastel colors"
    "subdued lighting"

  1. in a relaxed manner; or without hardship;

    "just wanted to take it easy"



用作形容词 (adj.)
  1. The new leaves in springtime have a soft touch.
  2. It's very comfortable to step on the soft ground in the spring.
  3. The room was flooded with soft light.
  4. The soft breeze stirs the leaves.
  5. His soft words contained an undertone of warning.
  6. He is soft on his students.
  7. His voice was soft and I lost some of his words.
用作名词 (n.)
  1. He comforted his back with something soft.
  2. The new leaves in springtime have a soft touch.


用作形容词 (adj.)
~+名词 ~+动词不定式 ~+介词


  • Isabel..gave the soft of my arm a vicious pinch.

    出自: W. S. Maugham
  • Joy could he from Night's soft presence glean.

    出自: Byron
  • Now murm'ring soft, now roaring.

    出自: W. Cowper
  • By the bed-side..soft he set A table.

    出自: Keats
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