[laɪk]     [laɪk]    
  • prep.
  • conj. 如同
  • adv. 大概;和 ... 一样
  • adj. 相似的;同样的
  • v. 喜欢;想;愿意
  • n. 类似的人或物
liked liked liking likes



prep. (介词)
  1. 如,像
  2. 例如,诸如,比如
  3. 想要
  4. 好像是
  5. 与相称的
  6. 像要
  7. 像…才会
  8. 相似,类似
  9. 像…一样,宛如,犹如
  10. …怎么样
  11. 符合…的特点
  12. 和…一样
conj. (连词)
  1. 好像,如同,像…一样
  2. 仿佛,似乎
adv. (副词)
  1. 可能,大概
  2. 多半
  3. <旧>一样地
  4. 好像,像,如
adj. (形容词)
  1. 类似的,想像的,相似的
  2. 有相同性质的,相同的,同样的,相等的
  3. <旧><方>可能(发生)的
  4. 相同的
  5. 就要
v. (动词)
  1. 喜欢,喜爱,爱好
  2. 想,希望,想要,要
  3. 适合于
  4. 愿意
  5. <口>使…感到惬意;合…的口味;适合…的肠胃
  6. <废>比较;比喻
n. (名词)
  1. 爱好,喜好
  2. 同样的人
  3. 象...这样的人
  4. 诸如此类
  5. 类型,种类
  6. 类似的人或物


v. (动词)
  1. vt. 喜欢,喜爱 be fond of;have a taste for;find satisfactory or agreeable
  2. vt. 想要 want, wish, prefer
adj. (形容词)
  1. 相似的,相同的 having some or all of the qualities or features of;similar
n. (名词)
  1. [S]相类似的人或事物 person or thing that is like another
  2. [C]喜爱的东西 thing one like very much


  1. a similar kind;

    "dogs, foxes, and the like"
    "we don't want the likes of you around here"

  2. a kind of person;

    "We'll not see his like again"
    "I can't tolerate people of his ilk"

  1. resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination;

    "suits of like design"
    "a limited circle of like minds"
    "members of the cat family have like dispositions"
    "as like as two peas in a pod"
    "doglike devotion"
    "a dreamlike quality"

  2. equal in amount or value;

    "like amounts"
    "equivalent amounts"
    "the same amount"
    "gave one six blows and the other a like number"
    "the same number"

  3. having the same or similar characteristics;

    "all politicians are alike"
    "they looked utterly alike"
    "friends are generally alike in background and taste"

  4. conforming in every respect;

    "boxes with corresponding dimensions"
    "the like period of the preceding year"

  1. prefer or wish to do something;

    "Do you care to try this dish?"
    "Would you like to come along to the movies?"

  2. find enjoyable or agreeable;

    "I like jogging"
    "She likes to read Russian novels"

  3. be fond of;

    "I like my nephews"

  4. feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard;

    "How did you like the President's speech last night?"

  5. want to have;

    "I'd like a beer now!"



用作介词 (prep.)
  1. At a distance he looks a bit like James Bond.
用作副词 (adv.)
  1. It'll rain this afternoon, as like as not.
用作动词 (v.)
  1. I like movies, but I don't like Westerns.
  2. I would like to have a word with you.
  3. If you like, we could go out this evening.


用作名词 (n.)
and the like
    诸如此类,等等 sth of the same kind
the like(s) of
    像…这样的人或东西 a similar person or thing


用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词
用作形容词 (adj.)
用作名词 (n.)
动词+~ ~+介词


  • 'Sports' .. which breed true when crossed with their like.

    出自: E. W. Macbride
  • The recent murder..was the work of Mr Mohtashemi or his like.

  • Claws like to a bat's but broader.

    出自: M. Twain
  • Farmer's lung and like conditions.

  • At first. it liked me ill.

    出自: Sir W. Scott
  • I rode sullenly Upon a certain path that liked me not.

    出自: D. G. Rossetti
  • We had lik'd to have had our two noses snapp'd off.

    出自:Much Ado about Nothing , Shakespeare
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