• - (听见) hear:

    what one hears; 亲耳所闻

    listen but not hear; turn a deaf ear to 听而不闻

    - (用鼻子嗅) smell:

    smell gas; 闻到了煤气味

    Just smell this rose. Isn't it sweet! 你闻闻这朵玫瑰。 多香呀!

  • - (听见的事情; 消息) story; news; hearsay:

    news; 新闻

    fantastic story; 奇闻

    - (名声) reputation; repute:

    ill repute; 秽闻

    good reputation 令闻

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wen Yiduo 闻一多

  • - (有名望的) famous; well-known:

    fame; 闻望

    well-known figure 闻人



  1. 你能闻到玫瑰花的香味吗?
    Can you smell the perfume of the roses?
  2. 你闻到发霉烟草的臭味了吗?
    Do you smell the reek of stale tobacco?
  3. 我可以闻到雨后鲜花的清香。
    I can smell the fragrance of flowers after showers.
  4. 桃金娘上的白花闻起来很香。
    The white flowers in the myrtle smell sweet.
  5. 你能闻到煤气漏气吗?
    Can you smell a gas leak?
  6. 你听到她打算辞职的传闻了吗?
    Have you heard of her intention to resign?
  7. 他的所见所闻使他内心大为震动。
    His mind was reeling with all that he had seen and heard.
  8. 我在七点钟的新闻报道中听到了这则消息。
    I heard it on the 7 o'clock news.
  9. 闻声知鸟,闻言知人,闻其言而知其人。
    A man is known by what he says.
  10. 我想出去走一走,闻一闻花香。
    I want to have a walk and smell the fragrance of flowers.
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