• - (里面; 内部) in; inside:

    in one's hands; 手里

    in [inside] the suitcase; 小提箱里

    - (附在“这、那、 哪”等字后边表示地点):

    here; 这里

    there; 那里

  • - (衬料; 纺织品的反面) lining; liner; inside:

    the underneath side of a quilt; 被里儿

    the lining of a coat; 衣服里儿

    - (里边; 里边的) inner:

    inner room; 里屋

    interior; inside 里头

    - (街坊) neighbourhood:

    people of the neighbourhood 邻里

    - (家乡) native place; hometown:

    one's native place; 故里

    home village; hometown; 乡里

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Li Ke 里克

  • - (长度单位) li, a Chinese unit of length (= 1/2 kilometre)



  1. 现在场景转到仓库,行凶者正埋伏在那里伺机行动。
    And now the scene shifts to the warehouse, where the murderer is lying in wait.
  2. 我在街道对面的连锁商店里买了这只面包。
    I bought this loaf of bread in the chain store opposite the street.
  3. 我坐在庭院里享受明媚的阳光。
    I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine.
  4. 他们坐在凉亭里,边喝茶边聊天。
    They sat in the arbor and chatted over tea.
  5. 她把衣服放在干衣机里,这样她下午就能穿这些衣服了。
    She put her clothes in the drier, so she could wear them this afternoon.
  6. 他住在一个舒适的小屋里。
    He lives in a cosy little room.
  7. 我钻进被窝里,暖暖和和舒服极了。
    I felt all cosy tucked up in bed.


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