• - (部分; 部位) part; section; division; region:

    inside; 内部

    part; 局部

    - (部门; 机关或组织单位的名称) unit; ministry; department; board:

    retail department; 门市部

    the Ministry [Department] of Education; 教育部

    - (军队等的领导机构或其所在地) headquarters:

    general headquarters; 总部

    headquarters; command; 指挥[司令]部

    - (指部队) forces; troops
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bu Ying 部英

  • - (用于书籍、影片等):

    a volume; 一部书

    two dictionaries; 两部字典

  • - (统辖; 统率) command:

    command many troops 所部甚众



  1. 环保部门要求我们使用无烟煤。
    We are required by environment protecting department to use anthracite.
  2. 财政不在我们这个部门的管辖范围之内。
    Finance is not within the compass of our department.
  3. 她在针织品部买了很多袜子。
    She bought many socks in the hosiery department.
  4. 他在社会福利部工作。
    He worked in community welfare department.
  5. 他把部门的管理工作委托给助手了。
    He deputed the running of the department to an assistant.
  6. 他获任玩具部的负责人。
    He was appointed to superintend the toy department.
  7. 学校的修缮将由教育部门出资。
    The repairs to the school will be financed by the educational department.
  8. 部队继续前进。
    The troops marched on.
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