• - (运送; 传送) deliver; carry:

    deliver newspaper; 送报

    deliver medical care right to the patient's home; 送医送药上门

    - (赠送) give as a present; give:

    My sister gave me a book. 姐姐送我一本书。

    He sent me a return present. 他给我送了回礼。

    - (伴送; 送别) see sb. off [out]; accompany; escort:

    see a guest to the door; walk a guest to the gate; 把客人送到门口

    see sb. off at the station; 到车站送人



  1. 公爵命令仆人把一封信送给国王。
    The duke ordered the servant to send a letter to the king.
  2. 他由于偷窃被送入监狱。
    He was sent into prison for stealing.
  3. 她工作的时候就把小儿子送到托儿所。
    She sent her little son to a nursery when she was working.
  4. 他们送给他一幅骏马图。
    They sent him a painting of steeds.
  5. 我们送些酬劳,对您的大力协助聊表谢意。
    We are sending you some money in acknowledgement of your valuable help.
  6. 报纸每天都送来。
    Newspapers are delivered every day.
  7. 北京广播电台向全世界播送新闻。
    Radio Beijing sends the news all over the world.
  8. 给人送生日礼物是惯常的事。
    It's customary to give people gifts on their birthdays.


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