• - (靠近; 接触) come into contact with; come close to:

    hand-to-hand fight; fighting at close quarters; close-range fighting; 短兵相接

    whisper into each other's ears; speak in each other's ears 交头接耳

    - (连接; 使连接) connect; join; put together:

    connect wires; 接电线

    establish contact (as in underground work); 接关系

    - (托住; 承受) catch; take hold of:

    catch a ball; 接球

    I threw the apple to him and he caught it. 我把苹果扔给他,他接着了。

    - (接收; 接受) receive:

    receive a letter; 接到一封信

    answer the phone; receive [take] a phone call; 接电话

    - (迎接) meet; welcome:

    go to the airport to meet sb.; 到机场接人

    Thank you very much for coming to meet me. 非常感谢你来接我。

    - (接替) take over:

    take over and carry forward the fine tradition; 把优良传统接过来,传下去

    take over a job 接工作

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jie Zi 接子



  1. 所有的申请者一个接着一个参加面试。
    All the applicants were interviewed one by one.
  2. 他欣然接受了我的报价。
    He pounced on my offer.
  3. 这辆汽车焊接了一个新的翼子板。
    The car has had a new wing welded on.
  4. 他从母方接受的遗传是良好的。
    On the maternal side his inheritance was a happy one.
  5. 糨糊是用于使一个接触面粘住另一个接触面的。
    Paste is used to make one surface adhere to another.
  6. 在训练班上,她接受了有关这个工作各方面的全面训练。
    On the course she received a thorough training in every aspect of the job.
  7. 在她被接受为固定雇员之前经过了三个月的试用期。
    He was taken on for a three-month trial period before being accepted as a permanent member of staff.
  8. 我已经安排好派一个职员到飞机场接你。
    I have arranged that one of my staff will meet you at the airport.


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