• - (身体) body:

    1.72 m. in height; 身高一米七二

    turn round; 转过身去

    - (生命) life:

    give up one's life for a cause; 为事业献身

    die a martyr at one's post; 以身殉职

    - (自己; 本身) oneself; personally:

    put oneself in sb. else's position; 设身处地

    set a good example with one's own conduct; 以身作则

    - (人的品格和修养) one's moral character and conduct:

    cultivate one's mind; 修身

    ways of conducting oneself in society 立身处世

    - (物体的中部或主要部分) the main part of a structure; body:

    the body of a ship; hull; 船身

    bed of a river; 河身

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Shen Xiang 身相

  • - (用于衣服) suit:

    a new suit 一身新衣服



  1. 我没料到他会堕落到对我进行人身攻击的地步。
    I didn't expect him to descend to personal abuse.
  2. 婚姻是终身大事。
    Marriage is for life.
  3. 她一生献身于研究舞蹈。
    Her whole life has been given to the study of dance.
  4. 他终生献身于珍稀动物的保护。
    He's devoted his whole life to the protection of the rare animals.
  5. 她在意外事故中大难不死,但却终身残废,再也不能行走了。
    She survived the accident but she was maimed for life and will never walk again.
  6. 他开始研究生态学,并决心将他的一生献身于这门科学。
    He started to study ecology and decided to devote his whole life to the science.
  7. 运动和身体的关系,如同思考和头脑的关系。
    Exercise is to the body what thinking is to the brain.


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