• - (把方便或好处给别人) give way; give ground; yield; give up:

    refuse to yield an inch; not budge an inch; 寸步不让

    Neither is willing to give ground. 各不相让。

    - (请人接受招待) invite; offer:

    invite guests into the inner room; 把客人让进里屋

    offer sb. tea 让茶

    - (出让; 转让) let sb. have sth. at a fair price:

    I can let you have this dictionary at half its price. 我可以按半价把这本词典让给你。

    - (指使; 容许; 听任) let; allow; make:

    The doctor told her to stay in bed. 大夫不让她起来。

    Sorry to have kept you waiting. 对不起,让你久等了。

    - (避开; 躲闪) dodge:

    Luckily I dodged in time, or I'd have been knocked down by the bike. 幸亏我让得快,要不早被那辆自行车撞倒了。

  • - (在被动式里引进主动者):

    You've guessed right. 让你猜对了。

    The sun was hidden by clouds. 太阳让云彩遮住了。



  1. 打开窗户,让新鲜的空气进来。
    Open the window and let in some fresh air.
  2. 让我解释迟到的理由。
    Let me explain why I was late.
  3. 让我想一想。
    Let me see.
  4. 让我猜一猜。
    Let me guess.
  5. 别让我失望。
    Don't let me down.
  6. 让我这么说吧。
    Let me put it this way.
  7. 让我看看。
    Let me have a look.


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