• - (歌曲诗文的段落) chapter; verse; section:

    movement; 乐章

    sections and chapters; writings; 篇章

    - (条理) order:

    disorderly and unsystematic; disorganized 杂乱无章

    - (作品) literary writing:

    literary works; writings; essay; article; composition; 文章

    make polished impromptu speech 出口成章

    - (章程) rules; regulations; constitution:

    break rules and regulations; 违章

    constitution 宪章

    - (奏章) memorial to the throne
    - (图章) stamp; seal:

    seal; signet; stamp; 印章

    affix one's seal; seal; stamp 盖章

    - (佩带在身上的标志) badge; insignia; medal:

    badge; 像章

    medal; decoration; 奖章

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zhang Xuecheng 章学诚



  1. 下一章讨论动词。
    The next chapter deals with verbs.
  2. 第一章阐明了她的研究领域。
    The first chapter delimits her area of research.
  3. 这一章我看到一半才意识到我根本没看懂。
    Half-way through the chapter I realized I hadn't taken anything in.
  4. 直到最後一章那个男子才和那个姑娘发生了性关系。
    The guy doesn't make the girl until the last chapter.
  5. 书中最有趣的情节是在第6章。
    One of the funniest episodes in the book occurs in chapter 6.
  6. 详情请看第10章。
    For further particulars, please refer to Chapter Ten.
  7. 我就要把第8章看完了。
    I had nearly finished chapter 8.
  8. 这份文件上盖有王室印章。
    This document carries the royal seal.


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