• - (失去生命) die:

    die of illness; 病死

    beat to death; 打死

  • - (不顾生命; 拼死) to the death:

    fight to the death 死战

    - (达到极点) extremely; to death:

    be extremely happy; 高兴死了

    be parched with thirst; be dying for a drink; 渴得要死

    - (不可调和的) implacable; deadly:

    sworn enemy 死对头

    - (固定; 死板; 不活动) fixed; rigid; inflexible:

    a rigid rule; 死规矩

    lifeless dogma; 死教条

    - (不能通过) impassable; closed:

    plug the holes; stop up loopholes 把漏洞堵死



  1. 每个人都是注定要死的。
    Everyone is doomed to die.
  2. 我们宁死而不投降。
    We would rather die than surrender.
  3. 懦夫一生要经过许多次死的痛苦。
    Cowards die many times before their death.
  4. 看到快死的小猫,小女孩哭了。
    The little girl cried when she saw her dying cat.
  5. 我与其嫁给他,倒不如去死算了。
    I may as well die as marry him.
  6. 他一点也不管我们是死是活。
    Little does he care whether we live or die.
  7. 他宁死不屈。
    He will die before he submits.
  8. 死亡是生命全部意义的取消者,因此陀氏拒斥死亡,渴望上帝、永恒和灵魂不死。
    Dostoevsky understands death from the point of the ultimate value.
  9. 死没什么了不起,他心中没有死的图景,也没有对死的惧怕。
    Dying was nothing and he had no picture of it nor fear of it in his mind.


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