• - (裂开) burst open; crack; split open:

    snap from tension; 绷断

    be cracked a bit; 绷开了一点

  • - (用于“硬、直、亮”等形容词前表示程度深) very:

    shining brightly; 绷亮

    very straight; 绷直

  • - (板着) show a long face:

    have a taut face; pull a grim [long] face; look displeased; 绷着脸

    He kept a straight face and remained speechless. 他绷着脸不说话。

    - (勉强支撑) stifle one's temper; strain oneself:

    cannot contain one's temper any more; 绷不住

    strain one's muscles 绷住劲

  • - (拉紧)stretch [draw] tight:

    stretch the rope straight; straighten the rope 把绳子绷直

    - (衣服、布、绸等张紧) tighten:

    tighten the body; 紧绷在身上

    The jacket is too tight and it's not comfortable. 这件上衣太小了,绷在身上很不舒服。

    - (物体猛然弹起) spring; bounce:

    bounced off; 绷飞了

    spring back 绷回

    - (稀疏地缝住或别住) make rough stitches; baste; pin; tack:

    stitch up the bed sheets 绷被面

    - (勉强支持; 硬撑) manage to do sth. with difficulty:

    keep up appearances 绷场面

    - (骗财物) defraud:

    entrap and defraud sb. of his money and belongings 坑绷拐骗



  1. 一位护士来给他包上干净的绷带。
    A nurse came to put on a clean dressing for him.
  2. 伤口用绷带包扎着。
    The wound was bound up by bandage.
  3. 医生不得不用石膏绷带来固定他断了的胳膊。
    The doctor had to hold his broken arm with a plaster cast.
  4. 画家把油画布紧绷在画框上。
    The painter stretched the canvas on a frame.


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