• - (细长的树枝) twig:

    twigs of the chaste tree; 荆条

    willow twigs 柳条

    - (条子) slip; strip:

    noodles; 面条儿

    a strip of cloth 布条儿

    - (分项目的) item; article:

    Article 1; 第一条

    item by item; point by point 逐条

    - (层次; 秩序; 条理) order; method:

    have used method ; put in perfect order 安排得有条有理

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Tiao Mei 条枚

  • - (用于细长的东西):

    a piece of thread; 一条线

    a snake ; 一条蛇

    - (用于以固定数量合成的某些长条形的东西):

    a carton of cigarettes; 一条儿香烟

    a bar of soap 一条肥皂

    - (用于分项的):

    a piece of news; an item of news; 一条新闻

    several suggestions; several pieces of advice 几条意见

    - (引申用于人体):

    a good [sweet] voice; 一条好嗓子

    a life 一条人命



  1. 修筑一条铁路要花费许多劳动力。
    It takes a lot of labor to build a railway.
  2. 在你读到的地方夹上张纸条。
    Put a piece of paper in (ie in your book) to mark your place.
  3. 他们在窗户上加了窗条以防盗贼进入。
    They fitted bars to their windows to stop burglars getting in.
  4. 她有一条用三角形蓝绸子做的围巾。
    She has a scarf made of a triangular piece of blue silk.
  5. 我是今天早晨从报纸上知道这条消息的。
    I learned this piece of news from the newspaper this morning.
  6. 她把布撕成细条。
    She slit cloth into strips.
  7. 阿狸有九条命:一条,两条,三条,四条,五条,六条,七条,八条,九条。
    A raccoon has nine lives: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
  8. 我在一条似乎没有尽头的新路上骑车,这条路与一条繁忙的主干道公路并行。
    I cycle onto an unfinished new road that runs parallel to the busy main highway.
  9. 这条河与那条河一条长。
    This river is as long as that one.
  10. 两条直路中的一条排斥另一条。
    One of these straight lines excluded the other.
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