• - (保卫) defend; guard; protect:

    self-defence; 自卫

    protect; defend; 保卫

  • - (周朝国名) Wei, a state in the Zhou Dynasty
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Qing 卫青

    - (用于地名) a word used in place name:

    Weihaiwei (in Shandong Province) 威海卫

    - (驴的别名) another name for a donkey



  1. 人人均有自卫权。
    A person has the right to defend himself/People have the right to defend themselves.
  2. 她示范最有效的自卫方法。
    She demonstrated how best to defend oneself.
  3. 人们聚集起来,组成国民自卫队来保卫他们的城镇。
    People gathered to form a militia to protect their town.
  4. 派遣了一些士兵守卫右翼。
    A number of men were detached to guard the right flank.
  5. 法律是为保卫人民的权利和财产而制定的。
    Laws are constituted to protect individual rights and properties.
  6. 临近保卫细胞处常存在变形了的表皮细胞,被称为副卫细胞。
    The stoma and guard cells are collectively called the stomatal apparatus.
  7. 文章分析了传统卫浴空间向现代化的卫浴空间演化的表象和内涵;
    The evolvement of bath space from traditional styles to modern ones is analyzed.
  8. 边卫助攻边卫的位置
    The position played by such a back.
  9. 他接到了四分卫的一个空传。
    He received an aerial pass from the quarterback.
  10. 他解释道,“也许在土卫二的表面存在着很小一部分的钠矿石。”
    There could be a small amount of sodium in the minerals in the surface layer.


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