• - (没有) not have; there is not; be without:

    in one's eyes there is no other; 目中无人

    not have a single penny left on; 身无分文

  • - (没有) nothing; nil:

    grow out of nothing; start from scratch; 从无到有

    exchange what one has for what one has not; 以有易无

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wu Neng 无能

    - (不) not:

    need not take into account; 无须考虑

    It does not hurt the important essentials. 无伤大体。

  • - (不论; 无论) regardless of; no matter whether, what, etc.:

    regardless of winter or summer; 无冬无夏

    Everything, big and small, is properly taken care of. 事无大小,都有人负责。

  • - (构词成分)见 “南无” [nā mó]



  1. 我的汽车遇到事故,但毫无损坏。
    My car is none the worse for the accident.
  2. 天在下雪,所以我无法外出。
    It was snowing, and so I could not go out.
  3. 那与我无关。
    I have nothing to do with it.
  4. 有总胜于无。
    Any is better than none.
  5. 我挣多少钱与你无关。
    How much money I earn is none of your concern.
  6. 那是毫无疑问的。
    There is no doubt about it.
  7. 不劳则无获。
    No pain, no gain.


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