• - (排除) get rid of; cast [brush] aside; dismiss; remove



  1. 我们不可以只接受一位,而将其他两位摒诸生命的门外。
    You cannot have one without the other two living in your life also.
  2. 此时在慢慢地深深地呼气之前,摒住呼吸一小会儿。
    Hold the breath for a moment before exhaling slowly and completely.
  3. 将他摒之门外。
    I bundled him out of doors.
  4. 患大痳疯及其他在礼上不洁的人要被摒诸营外,离群索居。
    Lepers and others who were ceremonially unclean were to be put outside the camp to live apart from the rest of the congregation.
  5. 将他摒之门外
    I bundled him out of doors.
  6. 只有那些最盲目迷信的苹果爱好者才会摒息期待。
    Only the most credulous Apple fans will be holding their breaths.
  7. 你应摒绝口舌的欺诈,远避唇舌的乖谬。
    Remove from thee a froward mouth, and let detracting lips be far from thee.
  8. 他摒住呼吸,顺着长长的椭圆形会议桌溜了进来,坐下后打开他的iPad。
    Catching his breath, he squeezed in at the long oval table, planting his iPad before him.
  9. 在一个(较)公平的社会,任何人都不应被摒在成长、发展和繁荣之外。
    In a fair(er) society, nobody should be left behind in growth, development and prosperity.
  10. 以色列说他们自己的安全障碍渐渐侵入西岸,帮助将歹徒摒于门外。
    Israelis say their own security barrier, biting into the West Bank, has helped keep miscreants out.


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