• - (拉) pull;draw:

    hold hands; 挽手

    draw a bow 挽弓

    - (向上卷) roll up:

    roll up the bottom of one's trouser legs 挽起裤脚

    - (牵引) pull; draw:

    pull [draw] a cart or carriage 挽车

    - (哀悼死者) lament sb.'s death
    - (把长条形的东西盘绕起来打成结) coil up:

    coil one's hair 把头发挽起来



  1. 报馆老板没能挽救该报的失败。
    The newspaper owner failed to pull the paper round.
  2. 上山时,马用力拉拽着马车的挽绳。
    The horse pulled on the traces when getting up the hill.
  3. 群众臂挽著臂组成人墙。
    The crowd linked arms to form a barrier.
  4. 她挽一挽头发,近视地望望我。
    She tucked at her hair and looked at me nearsightedly.
  5. 介绍了一种新颖的正激推挽变换器。 详细分析了它的工作原理,并和推挽电路作对比。
    A novel push pull forward converter is proposed and its principle is analyzed.
  6. 莫尼把头发挽成一圆髻。
    Money caught up her hair into a bun.
  7. 仪式结束后,他们手挽着手,高唱赞美诗。
    After the ceremony they joined hands and sang a hymn.
  8. 两个女孩挽着胳臂沿街漫步而行。
    The two girls linked arms as they strolled down the street.
  9. 这对双胞胎相互挽着手臂走。
    The two twins walked with the arms linked together.
  10. 然后九个人臂挽着臂一起向终点走去。
    Then all nine linked arms and walked together to the finish line.
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