• - (晚上) evening; night:

    yesterday [last] evening; 昨晚

    this evening; tonight; 今晚

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wan Hua 晚华

  • - (时间靠后的; 迟) far on in time; latter; late:

    the latter part of the Qing Dynasty; the late Qing Dynasty; 晚清

    It's too late to repent. 悔之晚矣。

    - (后来的) junior; younger:

    one's juniors; the younger generation 晚辈

    - [敬] (旧时在书信中后辈对前辈自称) your humble juniors
  • - (来得迟) coming late:

    go to work early and come back late; 早出晚归

    He reached success late in life. 他是大器晚成。



  1. 有天晚上学校放映了一部西部片。
    One evening the school showed a cowboy film.
  2. 她穿着一件黑色丝质晚礼服。
    She wore a black silk evening gown.
  3. 父亲每晚都坐在同一张椅子上,
    Father sits in the same chair every evening.
  4. 他在昨晚的比赛中独得了48分。
    He made 48 baskets in the game last night.
  5. 昨晚我睡不安稳。
    I didn't sleep well last night.
  6. 如果你到今晚把手头上的工作做完,你明天就可以休息。
    Provided/Providing (that) you clear your desk by this evening, you can have tomorrow off.
  7. 猫头鹰白天睡觉晚上工作。
    Owls sleep by day and work at night.
  8. 直到昨晚我才听到这消息。
    Not until last night did I get the news.
  9. 一些人晚上睡得晚早上起得晚,这对他们是不利的。
    Some people go to bed late at night and get up late in the morning.
  10. 他起得太晚了,没能按时到校。他起得太晚了,没能按时到校。他起得太晚了。
    He got up too late to get to school on time.


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