• - (山西太原的别称) another name for Taiyuan (in Shanxi Province)
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bing Shao 并韶



  1. 他公然蔑视上司,并要求他作出解释。
    He bearded his boss and demanded an explanation.
  2. 抗毒素是抵抗有毒物质并防止其产生有害作用的物质。
    Antitoxin is substance that acts against a poisonous substance and prevents it from having a harmful effect.
  3. 这本书被翻译成多种译文并行销全球。
    The book was translated into many versions and sold all over the world.
  4. 他为她感到难过,并试图使她振作起来。
    He was sorry for her and tried to cheer her up.
  5. 我们都要做好自己工作,并且要在工作中找到精神上的乐趣。
    We must cultivate our own garden and find the joy of doing it in our own heart.
  6. 病人因出现并发症而死亡。
    Complications set in, and the patient died.
  7. 一位德国科学家打断了我,并问我是否来自中国。
    A German scientist interrupted me and asked if I came from China.
  8. 他们看着电视里的快步舞并且试图模仿。
    They watched jig on TV and tried to imitate.
  9. 我之所以提出这个问题,并且给出这个答案,并不是要把你从股市吓跑。
    I raise this question and answer it this way not to scare you out of the market.
  10. 对公司合并或者出售,我并不担心。
    I am not worried about mergers or buyouts.


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