• - (墙) wall (of a house, etc.):

    bastion of iron 铜墙铁壁

    - (作用像围墙的部分) wall of structure; sth. resembling a wall:

    boiler wall; 锅炉壁

    cell wall 细胞壁

    - (像墙那样直立的山崖) perpendicular cliffside:

    a precipitous cliff; precipice; 峭壁

    unscalable cliff 绝壁

    - (壁垒) rampart; barrier; breastwork:

    strengthen the defences and clear the fields; 坚壁清野

    watch the fighting from the ramparts; be an onlooker 作壁上观

    - (一面; 一边) section of territory:

    (an independent) section of a country 半壁江山

    - (壁宿; 二十八宿之一) Bi, one of the lunar mansions
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bi Ming 壁明



  1. 【谚】篱笆有眼,墙壁长耳。
    Hedges have eyes and walls have ears.
  2. 壁垒被彻底摧毁了。
    The rampart was destroyed totally.
  3. 我的膝盖撞上了墙壁。
    I've bumped my knee on the wall.
  4. 我不得不买些白色的乳状漆来粉刷墙壁。
    I have to buy some white emulsion paint to freshen the walls.
  5. 烟把厨房白色的墙壁熏黑了。
    The smoke had blackened the white walls of the kitchen.
  6. 我的起居室的墙上挂着一块壁毯。
    The wall of my living room was hung with a tapestry.
  7. 墙壁因地震而倾斜。
    The wall declined slightly on account of the earthquake.
  8. 黑色家具和白色墙壁形成很有意思的对比。
    The black furnishings provide an interesting contrast to the white walls.
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