• - (人或动物进饮食的器官; 嘴) mouth:

    Illness finds its way in by the mouth. 病从口入。

    Out of the mouth comes evil. 祸从口出。

    - (容器通外面的地方) mouth; rim:

    the mouth of a bottle; 瓶口儿

    the rim of a bowl; 碗口儿

    - (出入通过的地方) opening; entrance; mouth:

    exit; 出口

    the mouth of a cave; 洞口

    - (有关联的部门联成的系统) department; section:

    departments of trade and finance and affiliated organizations; 财贸口

    departments of culture and education as a whole 文教口

    - (长城的关口,多用做地名,也泛指这些关口) a gateway of the Great Wall (often used in place names):

    Zhangjiakou 张家口

    - (口子) cut; hole:

    wound; cut; 伤口

    tear a hole in one's jacket; 衣服撕了个口儿

    - (刀、 剑、 剪刀等的刃) the edge of a knife:

    The edge of the knife is turned. 刀卷口了。

    - (牲口的年龄) the age of a draft animal:

    This horse is still young. 这匹马口还轻。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Kou Lu 口禄

  • - (用于人):

    There are five people in his family. 他家五口人。

    - (用于牲畜,主要是猪):

    three pigs 三口猪

    - (用于有口或有刃的某些器物):

    a knife; 一口刀

    a well; 一口井

    - (用于语言):

    She speaks fluent English. 她说一口流利的英语。

    - (用于口腔动作次数):

    make a mouthful of (sth.); 一口吞下

    He took a bite at the apple. 他咬了一口苹果。



  1. 一只老鼠从黑暗的洞口跑出。
    A mouse ran out from the dark orifice of the cave.
  2. 听到这个消息,他惊讶得张口结舌。
    On hearing the news, his jaw dropped.
  3. 轮船横着停泊在港口里。
    The ship was anchored athwart at the harbor mouth.
  4. 他的药可以注射或口服。
    His medicine is a drug that can be injected or taken by mouth.
  5. 我的口腔出现了溃疡。
    My mouth has an ulcer.
  6. 这些巧克力真正是入口即化。
    These chocolates really melt in your mouth.
  7. 我在流口水了。
    My mouth is watering.


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