1. 想过舒适的生活不过是普通人的本性。
    It's only human nature to want a comfortable life.
  2. 他在战争中的英勇人所共见。
    His valour in the war was seen by everybody.
  3. 我丈夫是一个善良的人。
    My husband is a kind person.
  4. 这两个人中,前者已死,而后者仍然活着。
    Of these two men, the former is dead but the latter is still alive.
  5. 科学家建议人们多吃些纤维素。
    Scientists are recommending that people eat more fiber.
  6. 让我们不要把这场争端搞成针对个人。
    Let's not personalize this argument.
  7. 那人用斧头把一块木头劈成两半。
    The man cleft a block of wood in two with an axe.


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