• - (用纸、布等裹) wrap:

    wrap things up; 把东西包起来

    make jiaozi [dumplings]; 包饺子

    - (围绕; 包围) surround; encircle; envelop:

    surround from both sides; 从两边包过去

    The hills were enveloped in dense fog. 浓雾包住了群山。

    - (容纳在里头; 总括在一起) include; contain:

    all-inclusive; all-embracing 无所不包

    - (全部承担) undertake the whole thing:

    I shall take full charge of the matter. 这件事包在我身上。

    Just leave it all to me. 这事由我包了吧。

    - (担保) assure; guarantee:

    You'll like it; I assure you. 包你满意。

    You can rest assured. 包你没错。

    - (约定专用) hire; charter:

    hire [charter] a boat; 包了一只船

    Our school chartered three buses for the trip. 我们学校为那次旅行包了三辆公共汽车。

  • - (包好了的东西) bundle; package; pack; packet; parcel:

    postal parcel [packet]; 邮包

    pack of dynamite; explosive package 炸药包

    - (装东西的袋) bag; sack:

    handbag; bag; 手提包

    satchel; school bag 书包

    - (物体或身体上鼓起的疙瘩) protuberance; swelling; lump:

    have a swelling in the arm; 胳膊上起了个包

    have [get] a bump on one's forehead; 脑门子上碰了个包

    - (毡制的圆顶帐篷) yurt:

    Mongolian yurt 蒙古包

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bao Zheng 包拯

  • - (用于成包的东西) bale; box; bundle; package; pack; packet; sack:

    a big bundle of clothes; 一大包衣服

    a bale of cotton yarn; 一包棉纱



  1. 这本书有红色的包装。
    The book has a red wrapper.
  2. 我对一直放在走廊里的那个包裹有些怀疑。
    I'm a bit suspicious about the package that's been left in the corridor.
  3. 他收到一个扎得很紧的包裹。
    He received a compact package.
  4. 他邮寄给我一个包裹。
    He sent me a package by post.
  5. 邮递员给我送来一个大包裹。
    The postman brought me a large package.
  6. 他把包裹扛上了肩。
    He hoisted the package over his shoulder.
  7. 他把旧衣服包成一包放在橱里。
    He packaged up his old clothes and put them in the cupboard.
  8. 他用绳子把包裹扎紧。
    He tied the package with a cord.


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