• - (秤锤) counterpoise; weight (of a steelyard)
    - (权力) power; authority:

    in power; 当权

    be authorized (to do sth.); 受权

    - (权利) right:

    right to vote; 表决权

    rights for living; 生存权

    - (有利的形势)advantageous position:

    hegemony; 霸权

    mastery of the air; 制空权

    - (权变; 权宜) expediency:

    adapt oneself to circumstances 通权达变

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Quan Deyu 权德舆

  • - (权衡) weigh:

    weigh up one thing against another; weigh up the matter carefully 权其轻重

  • - (权且; 姑且) tentatively; for the time being:

    act temporarily as; serve as a stopgap for; 权充

    doctor a dead horse tentatively as if it were still alive -- not give up for lost 死马权当活马医



  1. 宪法授予总统宣战权。
    The constitution vests the president with the power to declare war.
  2. 教皇在当代社会没有世俗方面的权利。
    The Pope has no temporal power in modern society.
  3. 戴着的皇冠是王权的象征。
    A diadem was worn as sign of royal power.
  4. 他渴望拥有权力。
    He was thirsty for power.
  5. 将军被授予最高权力。
    The general was girded with the supreme power.
  6. 什么也满足不了这个野心家的权力欲。
    Nothing could sate the careerist's greed for power.
  7. 琼在从事争取妇女平等权力的活动。
    Joan is campaigning for equal rights for women.
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