• - (相称) equal:

    be well-matched in social and economic status (for marriage); 门当户对

    well-matched in strength 实力相当

  • - (担任; 充当) work as; serve as; be:

    serve [act] as interpreter; 当翻译

    work as a bus driver; 当公共汽车司机

    - (承当; 承受) bear; accept; deserve:

    dare to do sth. and dare to take responsibility for it; 敢做敢当

    I just don't deserve such praise. 我可当不起这样的夸奖。

    - (主持; 掌管) direct; manage; be in charge of:

    manage household affairs 当家

    - (应当) ought; should; must:

    That's just as it should be. 理当如此。

    Save what you can, but use what you must. 能省的就省,当用的还是得用。

  • - (面对着; 向着) in sb.'s presence; to sb.'s face:

    Speak out in the presence of everyone. 当着大家谈。

    You are telling me lies to my very face. 你在当着我的面撒谎。

    - (正在那时候、 那地方) just at (a time or place):

    on the spot; 当场

    at that time 当时

  • - (撞击金属器物的声音) clank; clang:

    the tolling of a bell; the ding-dong of bells 当当的钟声

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Dang Yang 当阳



  1. 我们应当遵守法律。
    We should obey the law.
  2. 父辈应当被尊重。
    A sire should be respected.
  3. 人应当倾听自己的内心感觉。
    He should listen to his intimate feelings.
  4. 我们应当坚持我们的意见。
    We should adhere to our opinions.
  5. 你应当向警方控告他们的。
    You should have reported them to the police.
  6. 当有人需要救助的时候,行动胜于言语。
    Deeds are better than words when people are in need of help.
  7. 她有一门不及格,但我们必须考虑到她当时有病。
    She failed one of the exam papers, but we ought to make allowance for the fact that she was ill.
  8. 当男主角策马向夕阳驰去时,尾声音乐逐渐消失。
    The closing music fades out when the hero rides off into the sunset.


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