• - (答应) answer; respond:

    I called him, but he didn't answer. 喊他他不应。

    - (答应做,应许) agree (to do sth.); promise; accept:

    I don't remember I ever promised that. 我不记得曾应过这件事。

    I'm the one who took on the job, so let me take care of it. 这事是我应下来的,由我负责吧。

    - (应该) should; ought to:

    one's bounden duty; 应尽的义务

    a right to which one is entitled; 应享受的权利

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ying Shao 应劭

  • - (回答) answer; respond to; echo:

    hundreds respond to a single call; 一呼百应

    The valleys echo the sounds of the mountains. 山鸣谷应。

    - (满足要求) comply with; grant:

    to meet the needs of the broad reading public; 为应广大读者需要

    in order to fill an urgent need; 以应急需

    - (顺应; 适应) suit; respond to:

    be easy to handle and work with great efficiency 得心应手

    - (应付) deal with; cope with:

    meet the enemy calmly 从容应敌



  1. 大家的反应如何难以估计。
    It was difficult to gauge how people would respond.
  2. 她的祈祷应验了,儿子平安地回到了家。
    Her prayer answered and her son came home safely.
  3. 资料应该明白易懂。
    The information ought to be made more accessible.
  4. 有许多不良的习俗和法规应予以废除。
    There are many bad customs and laws that ought to be abolished.
  5. 生活应遵守规律,因为规律对健康有益。
    Regularity ought to be observed, as regularity is very conducive to health.
  6. 你应该小心一点,知道吗?
    You ought to be more careful, you know.
  7. 你应该扔掉这辆旧自行车,买一辆新的。
    You ought to scrap the old bike and buy a new one.
  8. 我看你不应该。
    I don't think you ought to.


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