• - (达到某一点; 到达; 达到) arrive; reach; get to:

    Spring has come. 春天到了。

    How many people were present? 到了多少人?

    - (往; 去) go to; leave for:

    go to Shanghai; 到上海去

    go among the masses; go into the midst of the masses; 到群众中去

    - (用做动词的补语,表示动作达到目的或有了结果):

    can be done; 办得到

    be as good as one's word; 说到做到

  • - (表示动作或行为达到的时间) up until; up to:

    from Wednesday to Friday; 从星期三到星期五

    up to the next day; 到次日

  • - (周到) thoughtful; considerate:

    Please excuse me if I have been incosiderate in any way. 不到之处请原谅。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Dao Yanzhi 到彦之



  1. 直到他来我才离开。
    It was not until he came that I left.
  2. 他应该受到法律最严厉的惩罚。
    He deserves to be punished with the full rigor of the law.
  3. 镜头转换到一座坟墓。
    The scene shifted to a sepulcher.
  4. 我得到法庭认可重新拥有这笔财产。
    I've been authorised by the court to repossess this property.
  5. 听到这消息我很高兴。
    I'm glad to hear that.
  6. 听到这个消息我感到很遗憾。
    I'm sorry to hear that.
  7. 直到昨晚我才听到这消息。
    Not until last night did I get the news.
  8. 见到你很高兴。
    I'm very glad to meet you.


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