• - (拍) strike
    - (打击) beat
    - (抛掷) throw
  • - (支撑;顶住) support; sustain; prop:

    a roof supported by arches; 用拱抵起的屋顶

    prop one's chin in one's hands 用手抵着下巴颏儿

    - (抵挡;抵抗) resist; withstand:

    withstand the storm; 抵住暴风雨

    He could resist no longer. 他再也抵不住了。

    - (抵偿) compensate for; make good:

    pay with one's life (for a murde, etc.); a life for a life 抵命

    - (抵押) mortgage:

    mortgage a house 用房屋做抵

    - (抵消) balance; set off:

    Income balances expenditure. 收支相抵。

    - (相当;能代替) be equal to:

    He can do the work of two of us. 干活他一个能抵我们两个。

    - (到; 抵达) reach; arrive at:

    He arrived in Beijing on the 15th. 他15日抵京。

    - (碰撞; 相触) butt (by horned animals):

    conflict with 与... 相抵触



  1. 我们难以继续支付分期偿还的抵押贷款。
    We're having difficulty keeping up our mortgage payments.
  2. 我还了抵押借款,如释重负!
    Paying my mortgage was an enormous weight off my mind!
  3. 这所房子已经(以30000英镑)(向银行)作了抵押。
    The house is mortgaged (to the bank) (for 30000).
  4. 我们每月要付300英镑抵押贷款。
    We're paying out 300 a month on our mortgage.
  5. 抵押款提高了,其中一部分可由免税额增加而抵消。
    Higher mortgage rates are partly offset by increased tax allowances.
  6. 他们决定抵抗入侵。
    They are determined to resist invasion.
  7. 只有拿到两千美元的抵押贷款,我才买得起那栋房子。
    I can buy the house only if a mortgage for 2000 dollars is available.
  8. 他不得不将土地抵押来申请贷款。
    He will have to mortgage his land for a loan.


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