• - (满; 充足) sufficient; full; ample:

    have ample supplies 供应充分

  • - (装满; 塞住) fill; charge; stuff:

    He charged the battery of his car. 他给汽车的电池充了电。

    - (担任; 充当) serve as; act as:

    That box served us as a table. 那个箱子充作我们的桌子。

    He acted as secretary to the board. 他充任委员会的秘书。

    - (冒充) pretend to be; pose as; pass sth. off as:

    pose as a hero; 充好汉

    pretend to be an expert 充内行

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Chong Xiang 充向



  1. 她对他的行为充满了厌恶。
    His behavior filled her with disgust.
  2. 那个球被充满了气体混合物。
    The ball is filled with gaseous mixture.
  3. 广播中充斥着对新税法的尖锐抗议。
    Shrill protests about the new taxes filled the air.
  4. 胶囊里充满了可溶的小颗粒。
    The capsule is filled with small soluble cases.
  5. 我已写出报告的梗概,但我必须补充细节。
    I've written the skeleton of my report, but I have to fill in the details.
  6. 房间里充满了笑声。
    Laughter filled the room.
  7. 我心中充满了回家的渴望。
    I am filled with desire to go back home.
  8. 我的房间里充满了玫瑰花的香味。
    My room is filled with the odor of roses.


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