• - (用交通工具或牲畜代替步行; 乘坐) ride:

    ride in a bus; go by bus; 乘公共汽车

    travel by train [plane, ship, boat]; 乘火车[飞机,海轮,船] 旅行

    - (趁; 乘便,乘机; 利用条件、机会等) take advantage of; avail oneself of:

    take the enemy unawares; 乘敌不备

    no crack to get in by; no loophole to exploit 无隙可乘

    - {数} (进行乘法运算) multiply:

    Five times three is fifteen.; 5 multiplied by 3 is 15. 5乘3等于15。

    - (追逐) pursue; chase
  • - (佛教的教派或教义) a main division of Buddhist schools:

    Mahayana; Great Vehicle; 大乘

    Hinayana; Little Vehicle 小乘

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Cheng Chang 乘昌

  • - (通称一般史书) historical works:

    history; annals; 史乘

    unofficial history 野乘

    - {史} (古代称四匹马拉的车,一辆为一乘) a war chariot drawn by four horses:

    a state with a thousand chariots 千乘之国



  1. 我可以顺路搭乘你的车吗?
    Can I hitch a ride with you?
  2. 以无穷数乘y。
    Multiply y by infinity.
  3. 要乘飞机必须提前定位子。
    To ride in an aeroplane you have to book in advance.
  4. 我们乘船经水路去旅行。
    We took a ship by waterway to travel.
  5. 我儿子六岁的时候开始学习乘法。
    My son began to study multiplication when he was six.
  6. 他搭乘便车往南去意大利,然后从那里进入法国。
    He hitched south towards Italy, and thence into France.
  7. 我们可以免费搭乘卡车去伦敦。
    We can hitch a ride to London on a lorry.
  8. 7乘4等于28。
    Four multiplied by seven is twenty-eight.


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