• - (支; 架设) put up; build:

    put up a pontoon bridge; 搭浮桥

    put up a temporary theatrical stage; 搭临时戏台

    - (把柔软的东西放在可以支架的东西上) hang over; put over:

    hang the washing on a bamboo pole; 把洗好的衣服搭在竹竿上

    He had a towel over his shoulder. 他肩膀上搭着一块毛巾。

    - (连接在一起) come into contact; join:

    strike up a relationship with; establish contact with; 搭上关系

    speak incoherently; mumble disconnected phrases; 前言不搭后语

    - (凑上;加上) throw in more (people, money, etc.); add:

    You're terribly busy. We'll send someone to help you. 你忙不过来,给你搭个人吧。

    It won't be enough even with this sum thrown in. 这笔钱搭上还不够。

    - (共同抬起) lift sth. together:

    Help me lift the chest up on the table. 帮我把这个箱子搭到桌子上。

    Please carry the desk upstairs. 请把桌子搭到楼上去。

    - (乘; 坐) take (a ship, plane, etc.); travel [go] by:

    travel by coach; 搭长途汽车

    go by plane; 搭飞机



  1. 栏杆上搭著条毛巾。
    A towel hung from the rail.
  2. 我设法弄来点材料搭个棚子。
    I managed to scrounge the materials to build a shed.
  3. 我们需要有人自愿帮忙把布景搭起、画好。
    We need volunteers to help build and paint the set.
  4. 孩子在搭积木玩。
    The child entertained himself with his building blocks.
  5. 小男孩正在搭积木。
    The little boy is piling up his building blocks.


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