• - (去掉) get rid of; eliminate; remove:

    rid the people of a scourge; 为民除害

    promote what is beneficial and abolish what is harmful; 兴利除弊

    - {数} (用一个数把另一个数分成若干等份) divide:

    8 divided by 4 is 2. 8除以4得2。

    6 divides by 2.; 2 goes into 6. 6能被2除尽。

    - (授; 拜官职) invest in office:

    be appointed to certain office 除某官

  • - (不计算在内) except; (计算在内) besides:

    with the exception of this; excepting this; 除此而外

    We all went except him. 除他以外,我们都去了。

  • - (台阶) steps to a house; doorsteps:

    sweep the courtyard 洒扫庭除



  1. 医生的报告消除了他们的一切忧虑。
    The doctor's report removed all their anxieties.
  2. 我们的最终目标是消除所有核武器。
    Our ultimate objective is the removal of all nuclear weapons.
  3. 工人们正去除银中的杂质。
    Workers are removing impurities from silver.
  4. 我怎样才能把铁门上的锈除掉呢?
    How can I remove the rust from the iron door?
  5. 他正用一根牙签剔除牙齿间的饭渣。
    He is removing bits of food stuck between the teeth with a toothpick.
  6. 我除了要通过考试之外,没有别的心愿。
    I have no other wish except to pass the examination.
  7. 我用地板除垢剂清除油污。
    I use the floor cleaner to remove grease.
  8. 这位演说者除了想搞笑之外,没有别的目的。
    The speaker has no other purpose except to make people laugh.


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