[dɪ'sɪʒn]     [dɪ'sɪʒn]    
  • n.决定;决心;判决
decisional decisioned decisioned decisioning decisions



  1. 决心,决定,作决定
  2. 决议
  3. 判决
  4. 判断,决断,决策,决断力
  5. 果断,坚决
  6. 结论,结果
  7. 【美拳】裁判
  8. 抉择
  9. 决定或照决定行动的能力


  1. [C][U]决定,决心,判断 a choice or judgment; an act of deciding
  2. [U]果断,坚决 the quality of being able to make choices or judgments quickly and to act on them with firmness; resolution
  3. [C]决议,结果 resolution


decision : 决定, 决心 ...
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decision : 决定 ...
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  1. the act of making up your mind about something;

    "the burden of decision was his"
    "he drew his conclusions quickly"

  2. a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration;

    "a decision unfavorable to the opposition"
    "his conclusion took the evidence into account"
    "satisfied with the panel's determination"

  3. (boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred;

    "had little trouble in taking a unanimous decision over his opponent"

  4. the outcome of a game or contest;

    "the team dropped three decisions in a row"

  5. the trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose;

    "a man of unusual decisiveness"



用作名词 (n.)
  1. I don't think his decision is wise in reality.
  2. We can' t reach a decision without our chairman.
  3. All is dependent on your decision.
  4. The judge will give his decision tomorrow.


用作名词 (n.)
  1. The decision must be referred back, as there is now fresh information to be considered.
  2. The decision is still hanging.
  3. The decision by the headmaster was called into question by some of the teachers who thought it unnecessarily harsh.
  4. They grumbled to me that the decision was not fair.
  5. The decision of the Supreme Court shall not be appealed against.
  6. The decision must lie over until the next executive meeting.
  7. The decision overturned a century-old judicial rule.
  8. Tension mounted as we waited for the decision.
  9. The fact that the office already has a good accountant simply didn't enter into the decision.
  10. Despite his pleasant manner,I suspected he was fishing for information about the decisions made at the board meeting.
  11. He refused to associate himself with the decision.
  12. She argued him out of the decision.
  13. They let the final decision hang over until next week.
  14. I intend to contest the judge's decision in another court.
  15. The referee's decision was contested by the loser.
  16. We started kicking the idea around right back in January, but a decision hasn't been made yet.
  17. I hold that this is a right decision.
  18. A decision sometimes determines the future.
  19. I won't be hurried into a decision, you'll just have to wait!
  20. Once a decision is made, we must carry it out.
  21. Give me your decision now, stop playing for time!
  22. I'll get straight back to head office and inform them of your decision.
  23. His parents were astonished at his decision.
  24. His decision will cut across our basic plan.
  25. Several unpopular decisions diminished the governor's popularity.
  26. I have been kept at arm's length from all the committee's decisions.
  27. They have rendered a decision on that matter.
  28. Let's dispute the decision about that matter.
  29. The decision they made is that nothing should hold them back.
~+to- v
  1. My decision to go there hangs on your answer.
  2. She never ceased regretting her decision to go back.
  3. I appreciate the fact that this is not an easy decision to make.
  1. These were vital decisions that bore on the happiness of everybody.


用作名词 (n.)
accept the/sb's decision
  1. 接受…决定〔判定〕 agreed to the decision

    The Minister has threatened to cross over to the other side if the government refuses to accept his decision. 那位部长威胁说,如果政府拒绝他的决定,他就要改变立场而加入反对派。

    The tennis players refused to accept the linesman's decision, so the judge ordered them to play that point over. 网球运动员拒绝接受巡边员的判定,所以裁判员判他们重新比赛。

affect one's decision
  1. 影响某人的决定 influence one's decision

    Their opinions will not affect my decision. 他们的意见不会影响我的决定。

against the decision
  1. 反对(某一)决定 against an action

    The representatives pronounced against the decision made at the conference. 代表们对会议作出的决定表示反对。

    They cried out against the decision of the court. 他们大声反对法院的判决。

    She will appeal against the judge's decision. 她要对判决提出上诉。

applaud one's decision
  1. 赞许…的决定 agree to one's decision

    We applauded the authority's decision not to close the hospital. 我们赞许当局不关闭这家医院的决定。

approve of one's decision
  1. 赞成某人的决定 agree to one's decision

    I heartily approve of your decision. 我衷心赞成你的决定。

arrive at a decision
  1. 达成一项决议 reach a decision

    It took us several hours to arrive at a decision. 达成一项决议花了我们数小时。

    Find out the islanders' views before arriving at a decision. 达成决议以前,要弄清岛上居民的意见。

    You arrived at a good decision, and I thoroughly approve of it. 你们作出了一个很好的决定,我完全赞成。

come to the decision
  1. 作出决定 make the decision

    His position entitled him to come to the decision by himself. 他的地位使他有权利做那个决定。

    She was inhibited from coming to the decision to emigrate by the thought of her mother's loneliness. 她因担心母亲会感到孤独而不能作出移居国外的决定。

delay one's decision
  1. 推迟决定(实施) postpone one's decision

    Tom proposed delaying his decision until the next meeting. 汤姆提议把其决定推迟到下次会议上作出。

give one's decision
  1. 作出决定 reach a decision

    The director is still pondering over the wisdom of accepting the contract, and will give his decision tomorrow. 经理还在反复考虑接受这份合同是否明智,明天他要作出决定。

hand down one's decision
  1. 作出判决 judge the decision

    The judge handed down his decision at noon. 法官中午下了判决。

hang on sb's decision
  1. 取决于…决定 be decided by

    Everything hangs on your decision. 一切都取决于你的决定。

hit out at sb's decisions
  1. 猛烈抨击其决定 critic the decision

    The voters are hitting out at the government's latest decisions. 选民猛烈抨击政府的最新决定。

hold off one's decision
  1. 迟迟不做决定 postpone the decision

    They're holding off their decision because of changing conditions. 由于情况变化,他们迟迟不做决定。

hold to one's decision
  1. 坚持决定 resist one's decision

    Whatever your argument,I shall hold to my decision. 不论你如何争辩,我将坚持我的决定。

influence sb's decision
  1. 影响决定 affect one's decision

    We thank the committee for bringing to light some facts which will influence the board's decision. 委员会批露了将影响理事会作出决定的一些事实,对此我们深表感谢。

make a decision
  1. 作出决定 give a decision

    Let me pause on these matters for a time before I make a decision. 让我把这些事情好好想一想再作决定。

    Let's postpone making a decision until we have more information. 咱们在获取更多情报之后再作决定不迟。

    The only thing to do is to fling caution to the winds and make a decision, right or wrong; anything is better than uncertainty. 唯一可行的就是大胆作出决定; 对也罢,错也罢,反正总比举棋不定好。

    I think that I made a wrong decision. 我想我是做了错误的决定。

    Don't try to bring pressure to bear on him; let him make the decision himself. 别给他施加压力,让他自己作出决定。

    She completely dominates her family and makes all the decisions. 她家里的大大小小的事完全由她作主,大事小事都是她说了算。

    You'd better look about carefully before making the final decision. 在做最后结论之前,你应该仔细考虑。

    Hamlet is usually played as a sorrowful person who cannot make decisions or take action. 哈姆雷特常被演成一个优柔寡断的伤感型人物。

    I recommend you to think very carefully before you make any decision. 我建议你在决定之前要仔细考虑。

    Before making any decision, the President usually advises with leading members of his special information committee. 在作出任何决定之前,总统通常与其特别顾问委员会的主要成员进行磋商。

    Don't make any decision yet.Please hear me out. 先别做决定,请听我把话说完。

    You must keep your parents' needs in mind when you make your decision. 你做决定时必须把你父母的需求考虑在内。

    I must contact my lawyer before I make my final decisions. 在作出最后决定以前,我必须先同我的律师联系一下。

proceed the decisions
  1. 导致…结果 come to the decision

    From such a small beginning there have proceeded many important decisions. 如此微小的苗头已经导致许多重要的结果。

reach a decision
  1. 作出决定 give a decision

    After poring upon the matter for some days, he was able to reach a decision. 他花了几天的时间仔细考虑这件事,终于作出了决定。

    They have chewed the problem over for hours and hope to reach a decision soon. 他们用几个小时充分讨论了这个问题,希望很快能作出这个决定。

    I recall questioning them at that time as to why they had reached such a decision. 我记得那时我曾问过他们为什么达成这样一个决定。

recall one's decision
  1. 撤销决定 cancel one's decision

    She realized her mistake and tried to recall her decision, but it was then too late. 她认识到自己的错误,想撤销决定,可是为时已经太晚了。

reconsider the/one's decision
  1. 重新考虑其决定 think the decision again

    They desire the conference to reconsider the decision. 他们请求大会重新审议这项决议。

    They petitioned the government to reconsider its decision. 他们请求政府重新考虑其决定。

    I advise you to reconsider your decision. 我建议你重新考虑你的决定。

the result of one's decision
  1. 作出决定的理由 the reason of one's decision

    电影倒叙到从前的一个镜头,为我们讲述了她作此决定的理由。 电影倒叙到从前的一个镜头,为我们讲述了她作此决定的理由。


用作名词 (n.)
动词+~ 形容词+~ 介词+~ ~+介词


  • The two umpires shall then elect a referee, whose decision shall be final.

    出自:G. B. Shaw
  • They appealed the juvenile court decision.

    出自:New Society



  1. decision后面可接带to的不定式。

    My decision to apply for further details.

  2. reach/arrive a decision都可以解释为“做出决定”。
  1. decision的基本意思是“决定”“抉择”“判决”,引申可表示“决议”,既可用作可数名词,也可用作不可数名词。
  2. decision经常与动词 make, reach, arrive at, give, come to等词连用(但不可用do),均表示“作出决定”。
  3. decision的另一个意思是“果断”“坚决”,只用作不可数名词。
  4. decision后面可接动词不定式做同位语,而不接 of v -ing。
  5. decision是表示建议的名词,其后的表语从句或同位语从句须用虚拟语气。


resolution decision determination resolve
  • resolution:resolution指自觉地正式表示的决心,含极强的主观能动意味,比如new year's resolution。
  • decision:decision既可指重大的或一般的决定或决心,又可指在多种情况下作出果断的抉择,毫不犹豫地采取行动。
  • determination:determination侧重坚定不移的顽强意志力。
  • resolve:resolve语气较强,强调克服感情上的软弱,下决心干具体的一件事。


  1. 我们已决定你立刻动身。

    We have taken the decision that you should leave at once.

    We have made the decision that you should leave at once.

    We have decided that you should leave at once.

    “决定”应该是 make the decision,而不是take the decision。

  2. 她决定退休使我为之一惊。

    Her decision retiring surprised me.

    Her decision to retire surprised me.


  • 错句:a decision can be done either conciously or unconciously.

    纠正:a decision can be made either conciously or unconciously.


    分析:make a decision是固定搭配,不能改做do。


  • ☆ 15世纪中期进入英语,直接源自中世纪法语的deciison;最初源自拉丁语的deciisonem。



decision : 决定;决心 ...
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  • decision:decision n. 决定, 决心, 决议, 结果, 果断, 坚定 英英解释:名词decision:1. a position or opinion or judgment reached afte…


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