[æd]     [æd]    
  • v.加;增加;补充
addable added added adding adds



  1. 添加(特色),增加,附加,追加,加添
  2. 加,做加法,加起来 ,将...相加,加算,计算…的总数
  3. 补充说,又说,继续说,还说,接着说,附言,再言
  4. 增,添
  5. 获得
  6. 累积,总共,共得,累计而成
  7. 火上浇油,把关系弄得更糟,雪上加霜
  8. 既伤害又侮辱
  9. 此外(还…)
  10. 加入
  11. 起促进作用
  12. 起增添作用
  13. 扩大
  1. 加法
  2. 增添的内容
  3. 增加物


  1. vt. & vi. 加,加入; 增加,添加 join one thing to another; join numbers, amounts, etc. so as to find the total; put sth together with sth else so as to increase the number, size, importance, etc.
  2. vt. & vi. 还说,接着说 say sth more, go on to say


add : 增加, ...
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  1. a condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders

  1. make an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, size or scope of;

    "We added two students to that dorm room"
    "She added a personal note to her letter"
    "Add insult to injury"
    "Add some extra plates to the dinner table"

  2. state or say further;

    "`It doesn't matter,' he supplied"

  3. bestow a quality on;

    "Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company"
    "The music added a lot to the play"
    "She brings a special atmosphere to our meetings"
    "This adds a light note to the program"

  4. make an addition by combining numbers;

    "Add 27 and 49, please!"

  5. determine the sum of;

    "Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town"

  6. constitute an addition;

    "This paper will add to her reputation"



用作动词 (v.)
  1. If you add 4 to 5, you get 9.
  2. He added some wood to increase the fire.
  3. He did nothing but add to our trouble.
  4. I know, and I must add that we have a very pleasant relationship.
    我知道,而且我还要补充一条: 我们的关系非常愉快。
  5. Would anyone like to add anything to what I've said?


用作动词 (v.)
用作不及物动词 S+~(+A)
  1. He is learning to add and subtract.
  2. Don't you know how to add?
  3. At that time I didn't even know how to add.
  4. I learned to add in primary school.
用作及物动词 S+~+ n./pron.
  1. The drink will be too sweet if you add more sugar.
  2. She tasted her lemonade, then added more sugar.
  3. The fire is going out; will you add some wood?
  4. They have added a new scene at the beginning.
  5. I also added a number of new experiments.
  6. To facilitate its growth, we add soil around the bottom of the stalk.
  7. I'll add a few words when you finish.
  8. Add two and eight and you will have ten.2
  9. Three adds four makes seven.3
  10. It is quite easy for us to add 23 and 12. We can see immediately that the answer is 35. 23
  11. 用于be ~ed结构
  12. Last year eight new bus lines were added.
  13. These years many new air lines have been added in China.
  1. He added that he felt weary.
  2. I should like to add that we are pleased with the result.
  3. It is needless to add that you are in want of an assistant.
  4. She said good-bye and added that she would send us some pictures.
  5. He added that he would come to see me if he had time.
  6. Parenthetically we may add that the mass wouldn't allow it.
  7. He added philosophically that one should adapt oneself to the changed conditions.
  1. He added:“Are you getting better?”
  2. “That's a good thing, too,” she added.
  3. “And I hope you will come early,” he added.
  4. “And I quite agree,” he added.
  5. “I'll come later,” she added.
  6. “I'm sorry,” she added,“I didn't realize all this at that time.”
  7. “Our aim,” the article added,“must be realized.”
  8. After a short pause he added gravely,“ I think we ought to help them.”
  9. “This,” he added emphatically,“had been the principle by which I composed music.”


用作动词 (v.)
add in (v.+adv.)
  1. 加进去,计算在内; 包括 add sth, usually in the middle of a mixture or calculation; include; put in; insert add sb/sth ⇔ in

    If there is going to be a study group, please don't forget to add me in.要是成立学习小组,别忘了把我算进去。

    If we add the coming Sunday in, we have ten more days to go.如果把下星期日算上,我们还有10天时间。

    Add in the flour a little at time.要一点点地往里加面粉。

    We'd better add in some lemon juice before mixing the flour with sugar.在面粉与糖搅和之前,我们最好加进一些柠檬汁。

    In making tea, remember to put the tea into the pot before adding in the hot water.沏茶时,记着先把茶叶放进壶里,再倒开水。

    Would you add in these items, please, in order to complete the list?为完成整个目录的编写工作,请你把这些条目加进去好吗?

    Before you finish the total, please add in these new figures.计算总数时,请把这些新数字也加进去。

add on (v.+adv.)
  1. (在计算或目录的末尾额外)加上,附加 add sth, usually, at the end of a calculation or list; add as an extra or extras add sth ⇔ on

    Here is your bill, we've added on the five per cent service charge.这是您的账单,我们已把百分之五的手续费加进去了。

    Please add these names on at the end.请把这些名字加在后面。

    Add the other items on at the bottom of the page.请把其他几项加在这一页的末尾。


    The price does not include tax added on.这价格不包括附加的税额。

add to (v.+prep.)
  1. 增加,是对…的增添,加强 make a sum of one figure and another or others; put sth with so as to increase it; increase sth add to sth

    This adds to her beauty.这使她更美。

    This lesson adds to the value of the book.这课文增加了这本书的价值。

    The newly-published book has added to his reputation.新问世的这本书使他更加享有盛名。

    TV can also add to their store of know-ledge.电视也能增加他们的知识。

    Worthy friends add to the happiness and value of life.良友能增加人生乐趣和价值。

    The music added to our enjoyment of the film.片中的音乐使我们对这部电影更加喜爱。

    The gorgeous costume added to the brilliance of the dance.华丽的服装使舞蹈更加光彩夺目。

    Fireworks added to the attraction of the festival night.烟火使节日之夜更加生辉。

    The weeping willows along the two banks add to the charms of the brook.两岸的垂柳使那条小溪更加妩媚可爱。

    The trees planted after the war added to the beauty of the city.战后栽植的这些树使这个城市显得更加美丽。

    The newly constructed high buildings add greatly to the beauty of this city.新建的一些大楼大大地增加了这个城市的美观。

    The laughter on the boats mingled with that on shore, adding to the jubilation on National Day.船上和岸上的笑声交汇在一起,增加了国庆节的欢乐气氛。

    Your company adds to the enjoyment of our visit.有您的陪同,我们这次访问更加愉快了。

    He is adding to his house.他正在扩建他的房子。

    He is adding to his wealth.他的财富在不断增长。

    This, of course, added to our responsibilities.这自然增加了我们的责任。

    This added to our difficulties.这给我们增加了不少困难。

    His illness added to the family's troubles.他的病增加了家中的困难。

    Her illness added to his worry.她的病况使他格外忧虑。

    Every passing second added to his worry.每过一秒钟便增加他一分忧虑。

    The bad weather added to the helplessness of the shipwrecked sailors.恶劣的天气给孤立无援的遇难水手增加了困难。

    The development of the city's industry has added to its environmental pollution.这个城市工业的发展加重了它的环境污染。

    We should add to our achievements and correct the mistakes.我们应当发扬成绩,纠正错误。

    He does nothing but adds to our problems.他什么都不干,只能给我们添乱。

    I didn't want to add to mother's misery.我不愿使母亲更加痛苦。

    We don't want to add to the government's burden.我们不想增加政府的负担。

    She refused other people's offers of help for she hated adding to their burden.她拒绝了其他同志的帮助,因为她不愿增加他们的负担。

    It will add greatly to the prime cost.它将使主要成本大大提高。

    The trip, I believe, will add greatly to our knowledge and understanding of our country.我相信此次旅行将会大大加深我们对祖国的认识和了解。

    The cultural relics excavated recently added greatly to our knowledge of life in ancient China.最近发掘出的文物大大增加了我们对古代中国生活的了解。

    That adds heavily to the difficulty of my work.那使我工作的难度加大了。

    The index adds appreciably to the usefulness of the book.索引明显地增加了这本书的实用价值。

    This added considerably to his experience.这大大丰富了他的阅历。

    The statistics added not a little to the value of the publication.统计数字使该出版物价值大增。

    Added to this, he is an untiring artist.而且,他是一个不知疲倦的艺术家。

    To add to the danger, darkness fell upon the water.更加危险的是,夜幕又降临水面。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    The palace has been added to from time to time, and as a result incorporated various styles of architecture.这座宫殿一再扩建,结果它混合了各种不同的建筑风格。

    Since then, the Great Wall has often been added to, rebuilt and repaired, especially during the Ming Dynasty.从那以后,尤其在明朝期间长城不断得到扩建和修缮。

    add sth to sth

    She added sugar to her tea.她在茶里加了糖。

    He added some wood to the fire.他给火加了些柴。

    This year we'll add one thousand mu to our planted areas.今年我们的种植面积将扩大一千亩。

    We need to exert our imagination and add art to our teaching.我们需要发挥想象力而且要增强教学艺术。

    Add the first total to the second.把第一个合计数与第二个加在一起。

    Can we afford to add another room to the house?我们有钱把这所住宅再增建一间屋子吗?

    This is not only necessary, but it also adds variety to his teaching.这不但是必要的,而且它还使他的教学富于变化。

    Each of the satellites added something to our knowledge.每颗新卫星都给我们增长了新的知识。

    The perfect co-ordination of the dancers and singers added a rhythmic charm to the performance.舞蹈演员和歌手们配合得很好,使演出更具魅力。

    You can add a note to the posters. Say that your teacher himself will be there. He will play the last piece.你可以在海报上加上一条,就说你的老师将亲自参加并演奏最后一曲。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    A Reading Practice section is added to each unit in Book Two.在第二册书里每个单元都加上了阅读练习部分。

    The burdens will be naturally added to their life.这自然会给他们增加负担。

add together (v.+adv.)
  1. 加起来,总计 cause to make a total of numbers add together

    〔说明〕 add together不用于进行体。

    The facts add together to give a hopeless picture of the firm's future.事实表明该公司前途无望。

    add sth ⇔ together

    Add together 1,2,3.把1,2,3加起来。

    When you add all the figures together, the sum is 100.把这些数字加起来,总数是100。

add up (v.+adv.)
  1. 〔说明〕 add up不用于进行体。
  2. 加起来,总计 cause to make a total of numbers add up

    Try adding up this time instead of subtracting.这次试用加法,不用减法。

    Added up, the meeting was a success.总的来说,会议是成功的。

    add sth ⇔ up

    I added up an account.我结了账。

    He is now adding up the bill.他正在合计账单。

    The cashier is adding up her receipts.出纳员正把所收的款项汇总起来。

    He wrote down the weight of each stone and then added up all the weights.他记下了每块石头的重量,然后再把这些重量加起来得出总数。

    At the exits polite assistants will take the goods and add up the cost.在出口处,客气的服务员把你的商品接过去,把价钱加在一起。

    They added up all the advantages and disadvantages and tried to come to a decision.他们权衡了种种利弊,力求作出一个决定来。

    Take care to add the bill up correctly.注意把账单加准确。

    Every time I add these figures up,I get a different answer.这些数字我每回相加得数都不同。

    Add these figures up and see what the total is.把这些数字加起来,看看总数是多少。

    You haven't added the figures up right.你未能把这些数字统计正确。

    Add these figures up and see if the sum is correct.你把这些数字加起来,看看总数对不对。

    Adding it all up we find the answer.把这一切归纳起来,我们就得到了答案。

  3. 与应有的数量相符 come to the correct amount add up

    The numbers wouldn't add up.这些数目加起来与总数不符。

    These figures don't add up correctly.这些数字怎么也加不对。

  4. 〈口〉合乎情理 make sense add up

    It all adds up,I can see now why he left so suddenly.这完全合乎情理,我现在能够明白为什么他如此突然地不辞而别。

    His story didn't add up.他的故事不合情理。

    His excuse just doesn't add up.他的辩解简直没有道理。

    What he said simply didn't add up.他说的话简直无法理解。

    It just doesn't add up这简直毫无意义。

    There were aspects of the story that didn't add up.那故事中的某些情节不合情理。

    Nothing he does seems to add up.他所做的似乎都不合乎情理。

    I can't understand this case; the facts just don't add up.我不理解这一案例,这些事实不能说明问题。

    His story didn't add up.他的经历让人搞不清楚。

    All the windows were closed when the downpour came, yet the floor was found wet through afterwards. It just didn't add up.下大雨时所有的窗子都是关着的,但事后发现地板全湿了,真不知道是怎么回事。

add up to (v.+adv.+prep.)
  1. 〔说明〕 add up to通常不用于进行体,也不用于被动结构。 add up to sth
  2. 总计,总共 make a total of a figure; amount to

    The separate numbers add up to 472. 这一个个的数字加起来,总计为472。

    These figures added up to 100. 这些数字加起来是100。

    Five and eleven add up to sixteen.5 加11是16。

    The money he spent added up to more than £1000. 他所花的钱总计为1000多英镑。

    The costs added up to 10 million American dollars. 费用总计达1000万美元。

    The two editions of the novel add up to only 10,000 copies. 那部小说两版合起来才10,000册。

    How much does that add up to? 那总数是多少?

    His entire school education added up to no more than a year. 他受的全部学校教育加起来不过一年。

    What I have heard about the matter does not add up to much. 我所听到的有关这件事的话似乎不太重要。

  3. 〈口〉等于; 意味着,看来实际是…; 总起来说 be equal to, indicate means; boil down to; seem to be sth in fact

    Your long answer just adds up to refusal. 你的冗长的回答等于拒绝。

    This conversation adds up to a difference of opinion between us. 从这次谈话来看,我们俩的意见确有分歧。

    The evidence all adds up to a case of murder. 所有证据表明这是一起谋杀案。

    All this adds up to a new concept of the universe . 所有这些意味着对宇宙的一个新概念。

    It all adds up to a complete failure. 事情总起来说是彻底失败了。

    It all adds up to this — he is a selfish man. 所有这些表明——他是个自私自利的人。

    It all adds up to this — he is not trustworthy. 这一切都说明他这个人靠不住。

    She gave many excuses, but what they added up to was that she didn't want to come. 她提出了种种借口,但所有托词均表明她不想来。

    His words add up to this:we ought to try the new technique. 他说的意思是我们应该试试这种新技术。

    I don't think these facts will add up to anything . 我看这些事实不能说明任何问题。

    The rain, the mosquitoes, and the crowded cabin all adds up to a spoiled vacation. 下雨,蚊子咬,房间挤,这一切凑在一起,把个好端端的假期给毁了。

    What it adds up to is that we will succeed. 总而言之,我们一定会成功。

    What all his excuses add up to that he doesn't intend to help us. 他所有的借口加在一起就是不想帮助我们。

    What all their suggestions added up to was that the work might be completed within a shorter period of time. 他们的种种建议意味着这件工作有可能在较短时间内完成。

    All this adds up to that you don't want to do it. 这一切无非是说你们不愿意干罢了。

    Their knowledge of how other people live doesn't add up to much. 他们关于别人生活情况的了解合在一起也没有多少。


用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词 ~+介词


  • Yet this grief Is added to the griefs the great must bear.




  1. add意为“把…加上去”,不表达为“增加”,而increase或raise表达为“增加”。

    They have decided to add ¥20 to his wages.
    They have decided to increase his wages to ¥ 100 a month.

  2. add to有"增加"的意思,

    That will add to my pleasure.

  3. add(s) up to有“总合起来成为”或“意味着”的意思,偶尔可省掉up。

    Everything you say adds up to justice.

  1. add既是普通用语,也是科技用语,主要指运用算术中的加法运算求出一系列数字或数量之和,广义则指把一物“加入”或“添加”到另一物中以“增加”原物的重量、规模、总量或重要性等。add还可表示“接着说”“还说”。
  2. add用作不及物动词的情况不多。用作及物动词时,宾语可以是数字; 也可以是有形的东西,如糖、水等; 还可以是无形的东西,如麻烦等。
  3. add用作及物动词时的基本用法是add sth to sth 或add sth,可以把add sth 看作是省略了to sth,这主要用在适当的上下文中,特别是在说话双方对to sth 都很明确时。
  4. add可用于被动结构。
  5. add作“还说”“接着说”解时,还可用于引出直接引语。


add to,, add up to
1.add to是“不及物动词+介词(短语)”构成的短语动词; add...to是“及物动词+介词(短语)”构成的短语动词; 而add up to则是“不及物动词+副词+介词(短语)”构成的短语动词。
2.add to的意思是“增加,增添”, add...to的意思是“把…加到…上去”, add up to的意思是“加起来等于…,总计达…”。
add up, add together
add up, add up to
1.add up的意思是“把…加起来”, add up to 的意思是“加起来是(多少)”。
2.add up可用作不及物动词短语,也可用作及物动词短语; 而add up to只能用作及物动词短语。
3.add up的宾语一般是figure, bill, receipt, cost 等名词; 而add up to的宾语则为具体数字。
4.add up用作及物动词时是可分的,其宾语常可置于add与up 之间; 而add up to则是不可分的,宾语只能位于其后。
5.这两个短语都可用于比喻意义,此时意思和用法都不相同, add up用作不及物动词短语,意思是“合乎情理”; 而add up to用作及物动词短语,意思是“等于,意味着,总起来说”。
add up to, amount to, come to, count up to, run into
1.从构成上说, add up to和count up to是动副介型短语; 而amount to, come to和run into是动介型短语。
2.从主语上说, add up to和come to相同,均多为钱、账单、数目等; amount to和run into的主语多为loss, cost, expense, debt, sum等名词; 而count up to的主语则仅限It。例如:
Our hotel bill added up to〔amounted to,came to〕 300 dollars.我们的旅馆费共计300美元。
His debts amounted to〔ran into〕 over 3000 dollars.他的债务已高达3000多美元。
It counts up to 300 dollars.共计300美元。
3.从宾语上说, add up to, amount to, come to后一般接数字; 而count up to和run into后除可接数字外,还可接名词。例如:
It counts up to a considerable sum.合计起来数目相当可观。
Losses run into six figures.损失高达6位数。
4.从使用场合上说, come to最通俗, count up to不常用。
add, increase
两者均可表示“增加”。其区别在于:前者主要指自身数量、重量、价值、程度、力量等增加,多用于不可触知的事物; 而后者是指将某物加在另一物上,使之在数量、体积、重要性等方面有所增加。例如:
We had better increase the amount.我们最好把数量再增加一些。
I increased the amount of water to be added during cooking.烧饭时我增加了该加的水量。
add, figure, total, sum up
2.sum up强调计算的总数,常用于抽象意义,意思是“总结”“概括”。例如:
Many members spoke at the meeting, and finally the chairman summed up the discussion.许多成员在会上发了言,最后主席总结了这次讨论。
You have only 100 words in which to sum up his speech.你只能用100字来概括他的讲话。
I figured in our train tickets but forgot the bus fares.我把火车票算进去却把公共汽车费忘了。
The little girl doesn't know how to add yet.这小女孩还不懂如何做加法。
If the tea is too strong, add some hot water. 要是茶太浓,可加点开水。
add add to add up to
  • add:add作“加,增加”解时,既可作及物动词,又可用作不及物动词;作“又说,补充说”解时,与直接或间接引语连用。
  • 如果茶太浓了,再加点开水。
  • If the tea is too strong, add some more hot water.
  • 过了一会儿,他又接着说他会尽力。
  • After a short while, he added that he would try his best.
  • add to:add to意为“增添,增加,增进”。
  • 恶劣的天气增加了我们的困难。
  • The bad weather added to our difficulties.
  • 七加二等于九。
  • Add two to seven, and you will get nine.
  • add up to:add up to意为“加起来总共是/累计得”,该短语不用于被动语态。
  • 他的学校教育加起来不过一年。
  • All his school education added up to no more than one year.


  1. 我们的工资增加了。

    Our wages added.

    Our wages increased.


  2. 请在牛奶里加些糖。

    Please add some sugar in the milk.

    Please add some sugar to the milk.


  3. 我不想给您添麻烦。

    I don't want to add at your trouble.

    I don't want to add to your trouble.

    在短语add to中, to的含义是“加入”,注意不可误用at。


  • ☆ 14世纪晚期进英入语,直接源自拉丁语的addere,意为增加,加入。



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