• - (服装) dress; outfit; attire; clothing:

    in beautiful dress; attire; 盛装

    uniform; 军装

    - (演员的化装品) stage makeup and costume:

    dress and put on makeup or costume; 着装

    remove stage makeup and costume 卸装

  • - (修饰; 打扮) adorn; dress up; trim; decorate; attire; play the part [role] of; deck; act:

    trim an arch in celebration of National Day; 装牌楼庆国庆

    He acts as an old man in the play. 他装老头儿。

    - (假装) pretend; make believe; disguise; feign:

    disguise; 乔装

    pretend foolishness; 装憨儿

    - (把东西放进器物内; 把物品放在运输工具上) hold; pack; load:

    hold the grain in the barn; 把粮食装进仓

    pack clothes into a trunk 把衣服装入箱内

    - (装配; 安装) furnish; fit; assemble; install:

    provide a ship with radar equipment; 为船只装上雷达设备

    install a heating apparatus; 安装暖气装置



  1. 她穿着纽约杰出设计师设计的服装。
    She was dressed by a leading New York designer.
  2. 我们在晚会上要装扮得像电影中的角色,这是一个多么新奇的主意啊!
    We are supposed to dress up as movie characters for the party, what a novel idea!
  3. 这件传统服装是靛蓝色的。
    This traditional costume is of indigo blue.
  4. 她那滑稽的服装引得客人哄堂大笑。
    Her funny costumecaused much mirth among the guests.
  5. 他的家装饰得非常华丽。
    His house is lavishly adorned.
  6. 附近的时装店正在大拍卖。
    The local dress shop is having a sale.


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