• - (兴盛; 繁盛) flourishing; prosperous:

    period of full bloom; 全盛时期

    flourish; 兴盛

    - (强烈; 旺盛) vigorous; energetic:

    young and aggressive; 年轻气盛

    The fire is raging. 火势很盛。

    - (盛大; 隆重) magnificent; grand:

    a grand occasion [event] 盛举

    - (深厚) abundant; plentiful:

    great kindness 盛意

    - (盛行) popular; common; widespread:

    be widely known [rumoured] 盛传

  • - (用力大; 程度深)greatly; deeply:

    praise highly 盛夸

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Sheng Qi 盛琪

  • - (把东西放在器具里; 装) fill; ladle:

    fill a bowl with rice; 盛饭

    ladle out soup; 盛汤

    - (容纳) hold; contain:

    This hall is big enough for a thousand people. 这个礼堂能盛一千人。

    The room is too small to hold all these things. 这间房子太小,盛不了这么多东西。



  1. 他的盘子里盛满了米饭。
    His plate was piled high with rice.
  2. 容器用来盛物体的东西
    A container for holding items.
  3. 凹形,凹面与浅的凹型盛食物的容器相似的凹处
    A depression similar to that in a shallow concave container for food.
  4. 小口的大瓶一种大玻璃瓶或大塑料瓶,通常套装在一个保护性的篮子或板条箱内,用于盛装腐蚀性液体
    A large glass or plastic bottle, usually encased in a protective basket or crate and often used to hold corrosive liquids.
  5. 盛有核废料的密封容器被丢在海里。
    Sealed containers of nuclear waste have been dumped in the sea.
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